Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dundang, face your defeat like a man

Apr 21, 11 8:53am
your say'Trying to claim that Pelagus is a Snap seat when it is not won on a Snap ticket is the most egoistic display of a low-class politician.'

Fresh from defeat, Snap mulls going national

Kgen: After such a humiliating performance, Snap should just dissolve itself. As a Dayak party, they contested in Dayak-majority seats and lost their deposits in 25 out of 26 seats.

Snap should realise that the real reason for their humiliating defeat is the uncertainty of whether they are part of the opposition or a party waiting to rejoin BN. Based on how demanding Snap is in negotiating seats with PKR, I doubt they can work with Pakatan Rakyat.

Can their assemblymen be trusted not to hop to BN like what Pelagus state representative George Lagong is mulling?

Multi Racial: Edwin Dundang, it is clear that Snap lost every seat they contested and as president you should take full responsibility for the failure and resign.

The best approach for you is to call for an EGM (emergency general meeting) and propose to the party that it is to be dissolved and all members join DAP. Believe me, this is the only way to go for Snap members.

If you don't do that, Snap will die a slow death. This could be your last job as president - to secure the future of your members.

CKS: Dundang, face your defeat like a man - that is the first step you must take if you want to continue in politics.

Trying to claim that Pelagus is a Snap seat when it is not won on a Snap ticket is the most egoistic display of a low-class politician. Even Wee Choo Keong would not make a similar claim! Or has he?

Kapten Pencen: I did comment in Malaysiakini before the state election that it would be considered a big success if none of the Snap candidates did not lose their deposit.

The one and only reason why Snap contested the election was to help BN by taking away some voters from the opposition in seats that was considered black or grey, and they succeeded.

Snap is irrelevant and has no following in Sarawak, I should know as I am Sarawakian. Another thing that was widely speculated before the election was whether the Snap candidates, if elected would jump ship.

George Lagong has just proven many people right. He is already preparing to 'frog' to PRS. And he was supposed to be a Snap candidate. If Snap had won, we would be witnessing a 'frogathon' in Sarawak now.

Lim Chong Leong: DAP should not welcome Snap. It was selfish and it decided to go for broke alone. They thought they could hold their own and even defeat Pakatan.

Now they hint they may merge with DAP? Of course, merge with the biggest opposition winners. They just want to hang on to others like a parasite and leave when they think they could win seats on their own. We don't need such people.

If Snap is sincere about the DAP cause, they should just dissolve the party and let its members join DAP.


Anonymous said...

"Trying to claim that Pelagus is a Snap seat when it is not won on a Snap ticket is the most egoistic display of a low-class politician."

Ukai low-class. Endang sigi NO CLASS.

Anonymous said...

Orang ngerara suba, bisi kebuah. Bisi pekara ti enda manah enti kitai enda ninga jaku rara orang. Tang enti kitai majakka pemingking diri, ngumbai penemu diri betul ari penemu orang, endang suah agi kitai betemu enggau penanggul enggau penekul. Enti udah tetemuka buku, tanggung diri empu. Enda patut deka nyalah orang ke udah ngerara kitai ari pun suba.