Monday, March 28, 2011

Latest in the list Mr. Tony Badak for Bekenu

Stanley: Hahaha...enti Tony Badak nya menang ba bekenu...siap Indu daho dedia ila...pemadu pengindu Tony Badak nya...hahaha

Edwin: Gelaran iya ... Ambai Kumang.... hehehe!!!

Stanley: Parai kitai...udah ba spdp engkejuk ga ngagai snap...pemadu meh tony. Enti nunda keh sida sdnu host gawai taun tu tang ia enggai. Laban sdnu ditu enda ngam enggau pangan diri pasal duit ba last dinner sida suba.

Edwin: Harinya ngeshow ngagai bala mai 5 iko indu pare enggau iya ....

Stanley: Endang keh pengawa ia nya. 1st wife ia suba Ivy nama.... Diatu udah divorce. Lega amat asai ati Ivy diatu laban udah settle. Ukai main Tony nya sakit suba kna syphllis. Nya kebuah Ivy mai sarak. Enda tan agi ia...

Friday, March 25, 2011

"All the candidates are deemed 'high risk', integrity wise, and are not favourable under the principles MCLM holds," Haris said.

1. Edwin Dundang (Marudi)

2. Kebing Wan (Telang Usan)

3. Augustine Liom (Machan)

4. Anthony Liman Sujang (Krian)

5. Dayrell Walter Entrie (Bukit Saban)

6. Stephen Sigar (Opar)

7. Frankie Jurem Nyumboi (Tasik Biru)

8. Richard Peter Munai (Bengoh)

9. Sylvester Belayong (Kedup)

10. Abang Othman Abang Gom (Lingga)

11. Dan Giang (Balai Ringgin)

12. Joe Unggang (Layar)

13. Tedong Gunda alias Jamal Abdullah (Pakan)

14. George Lagong (Baleh)

15. John Bampa (Belaga)

16. Johari Bujang (Lambir)

17. Simijie Janting (Engkilili)

18. Ateng Jeros (Tarat)

19. Anthony Nais (Tebedu)

20. Ivanhoe Anthony Belon (Bukit Begunan)

21. Bakin Umpa (Meluan)

22. Alexius Douglas (Ngemah)

23. Munan John Andrew (Tamin)

24. Adang Jirau (Kakus)

25. Douglas Alau (Pelagus)

26. Toh Heng San (Katibas)

27. Rosnah Mohamad (Jepak)

28. Lawrence Cosmas Sundang (Batu Danau)

Feel free to contribute any information you might have on any of the above candidates. As they are willing to offer themselves as candidates, then they must also be willing to submit themselves to the scrutiny of the public who will eventually vote for them. Or not.

Leave your information in the comment section.

MCLM snips Snap off over 'suspicious practices'

The Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) has cut ties with the Sarawak National Party (Snap), saying it is "suspicious" about the latest acitivities of the revived political party.

The main objective of its alliance with Snap, MCLM president Haris Ibrahim said, was to attend to the plight of marginalised Sarawakians by bringing an end to the 30-year reign of Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud.

"Our aim was to help in establishing a pro-rakyat government," Haris said, but MCLM has the past few days been receiving information that Snap candidates, and some of their privileged leaders, had suddenly come into significant amounts of funds.

NONE"We have been told that the funds were being made available by operatives from Kuala Lumpur acting under the direction of the BN," Haris (left) told a press conference in Kuala Lumpur today.

"There is no conclusive evidence, but in situations like this, you rarely get black-and-white evidence."

If this information was true, he said, then it was a betrayal of the worst kind to people who have been oppressed for the last 30 years. "Betrayal is a hard word, for the alliance we had forged was based on trust."

MCLM announced its partnership with the Dayak-based party on Feb 16 and said it would assist Snap in screening prospective candidates, as well as organising training for counting agents and in polling procedures for its members.

However, last week, MCLM was informed that Snap wished to cancel the training sessions until further notice.

On March 16, Snap choose 16 candidates for the coming Sarawak election without consulting MCLM and six days later, it named another 11 candidates.

Snap's candidates 'high risk', integrity-wise

"All the candidates are deemed 'high risk', integrity wise, and are not favourable under the principles MCLM holds," Haris said.

azlanHe also noted that he had since tried to get an explanation from Snap's secretary-general Stanley Jugol, but failed.

"I only received a faxed statement from them, late yesterday evening at 5pm. The very same statement that Snap had forwarded to the media," he added.

This statement was on Snap rejecting a report in the Sarawak Report website that it had entered into a deal with the BN.

Nevertheless, Haris said, MCLM would not be deterred in teaming up with other opposition parties that share its goals.

"We will work hand in hand with those opposition parties whose aspirations are to take this nation back to the 'Bapak Malaysia' era... one people-one nation, all equal," he stressed.

As for now, Haris reiterated that MCLM would assist any opposition party that needed its help during the Sarawak state election.

"Even (if) it is too late now, we will still give assistance if they (opposition parties) need it," Haris said.

The Sarawak Report yesterday said there was a secret arrangement between Snap and the BN in Kuala Lumpur.

The website said it has received "explosive evidence" that a secret deal had been forged between BN and Snap in a desperate attempt to destroy the opposition and maintain BN's grip on Sarawak in the coming April 16 state election.

Jugol, in a statement sent out to the media yesterday afternoon, refuted the accusation.

Why MCLM has severed ties with SNAP

I reproduce the press statement released at the MCLM press conference this morning.


On 16th February, 2011, MCLM announced the formation of a strategic alliance with the Sarawak National Party (SNAP), the objective being to lay the foundation of a concerted effort to, firstly, end the plight of the marginalized Sarawakians by ending Barisan Nasional and Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s 30-year reign of pillage in Sarawak in the soon-to be held state elections and, secondly, to establish a pro-rakyat federal government post the 13th General Election and begin the process of restoring the nation to the rakyat.

In late February, during a meeting with the SNAP leadership in Kuching, MCLM had, in keeping with its drive to improve the quality of candidates offered to oppose BN candidates in the state elections, as well as to empower citizens to be effective agents of change and reform, offered to assist SNAP in screening the prospective candidates of SNAP as well as organising polling agent/counting agent training for its members.

Whilst the SNAP leaders had, then, enthusiastically accepted this offer of help, leading us to arrange for the training to take place in Miri on 19th March, 2011, developments over the last two weeks have led us to the irresistible conclusion that there was little sincerity, if any, on the part of the SNAP leaders in ever wanting to achieve the stated objectives of the alliance as aforesaid.

Towards the end of the second week of March, without proffering any reasons, we were informed by SNAP that the training was cancelled until further notice.

Then, on 15th March, 2011, we received information that SNAP would, on the following day, be announcing the names of 16 candidates to contest in the state elections even though, until then, we had not been given the full details of any of those candidates to be screened.

On 16th March, 2011, SNAP did indeed announce the details of 16 candidates, none of whom, as far as we know, had been screened to ensure capability and integrity.

Intelligence reports from our operatives in Sarawak have confirmed our worst fears: many of the 16 candidates are regarded as high-risk, integrity-wise.

Over the last few days, we also received reports that the SNAP candidates and some of their ‘privileged’ leaders had suddenly come into significant funds that were being made available by operatives from Kuala Lumpur acting under the directions of BN.

On 22nd March, 2011, SNAP announced the names of another 11 candidates.

Again, information we have received of these latest candidates is not favourable.

It must be stressed here that the action by SNAP to renege on an arrangement to screen all potential candidates, and to now announce candidates of questionable integrity, without more, makes the continuation of the alliance quite untenable, as we have at all times made clear our insistence that only candidates of unquestionable integrity are to be offered to serve the rakyat in the state assemblies and Parliament.

On 23rd March, 2011, reports in the news portals Sarawak Report and Free Malaysia today confirmed the information that we had received last weekend that SNAP was receiving funding from Barisan Nasional and had entered into an alliance with BN to keep the latter in power in Sarawak.

We have since sought from the leaders of SNAP some cogent and convincing reasons for their actions, and a rebuttal of the most serious allegation that they are now working in concert with BN to undermine efforts to bring about a regime change in Sarawak but, regrettably, none has been forthcoming.

For these reasons, we are, with immediate, effect, severing our alliance with SNAP.

We also call on the people of Sarawak to exercise their vote wisely in the coming state elections and to reject the overtures of BN and its allies, both open and concealed.




MCLM severs alliance with Snap

Tashny Sukumaran | March 25, 2011

MCLM is distressed by reports of Snap being funded by pro-BN parties.


KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) today announced that it was severing ties with Sarawak National Party (Snap) due to the latter’s alleged engagement in dubious practices.

MCLM president Haris Ibrahim explained that the objective of the alliance was to end the plight of marginalised Sarawakians by ending Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s 30-year reign, and to establish a pro-rakyat federal government.

“We have received reports that the Snap candidates and some of their ‘privileged’ leaders had suddenly come into significant funds that were being made available by operatives from Kuala Lumpur acting under the directions of BN, ” Haris said in a press conference today.

“There is no absolute conclusive evidence but in situations like these you rarely see conclusive black and white evidence. If this information is true, then it is a betrayal of the worst kind to a people who have been subjected to oppression for the last 30 years,” he added.

In late February, MCLM announced their partnership with Snap, saying that they would assist the party in screening prospective candidates and organise polling and counting agent training for its members.

Haris revealed that early last week “we were informed by Snap that the training was cancelled under further notice”.

MCLM was then told on March 16, 2011 that Snap had chosen 16 candidates without consulting them.

All of these candidates were deemed by MCLM to be “high-risk, integrity-wise”.

One week later, a further 11 candidates were named. “Again, information we have received of these latest candidates is not favourable.”

Haris said that despite seeking an explanation for their actions from Snap, none had been forthcoming.

He promised, however, that MCLM would not be deterred by this unfortunate episode, and continue to pursue the forging of workable alliances with any opposition party who shared common goals.

‘Number 2 enemy’

Yesterday, Sarawak-based Move for Change Sarawak (MoCS) also similarly cut off all ties with Snap, labelling the party as being the ‘number two’ enemy for Sarawakians.

MoCS chairman Francis Siah claimed that Snap had deviated from its original intention with the Pakatan Rakyat coalition.

“Snap has deviated from its original intention of working together with PKR, DAP, PAS and MoCS.

“For this reason, we from MoCS will field candidates and fight Snap in Marudi, Bukit Saban, Krian and Machan.

“We will work together with DAP, PKR and PAS to wrest these areas, ” Siah said.

Snap however has denied having a “secret” arrangement with BN or Umno.

Describing the accusation as a “fabrication of the worst order”, Snap secretary-general Stanley Jugol said there was “never” any meeting between Snap leaders and Umno information chief Ahmad Maslan.

Not a Pakatan partner

FMT Staff | March 25, 2011

SNAP, battling allegations of secretly bedding with BN, said it is not a 'genuine' partner in Pakatan Rakyat

KUCHING: Sarawak National Party (SNAP) has denied having a “secret” arrangement with the federal-level Barisan Nasional (BN).

Describing the accusation as a “fabrication of the worst order”, SNAP secretary-general Stanley Jugol said there was “never” any meeting between SNAP leaders and Umno information chief Ahmad Maslan.

“There has also been no meeting with any BN representatives to negotiate any arrangement.

“The article is naughty and vicious,” he said, alluding to online blog Sarawak Report’s latest posting “SNAP’s deal with BN”.

The article claimed that a secret plot was being hatched in Kuala Lumpur to use SNAP as a vehicle to oust Chief Minister Taib Mahmud, break up the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (read PKR) pact and form a new BN coalition with another leader who would continue to represent peninsula interests.

Jugol said the article was “designed to weaken SNAP” as the party prepared for the upcoming state election.

“The real truth is that SNAP is an independent party. Our objective is to unite the native peoples, particularly the Dayaks, under a single political umbrella,” Jugol said in a statement yesterday.

He claimed the online report had made “a number of scurrilous remarks”.

“First, it (report) said that we are demanding all winnable seats. This is just hogwash. From whom are we demanding these seats?

“Why should we want seats just because they are considered winnable?

“Second, the writer said that the party is duplicitous because after winning those seats, SNAP will go to BN.

“What does he take Sarawakians for? Simpletons? He is being downright malicious and dishonest when he said that SNAP wants to go that route.

“Doesn’t he know that to go to the BN fold, a party will have to get proper consent from its members and the concurrence of each and all of the parties which are already in BN?

“Thirdly, writer said that ‘SNAP is now the safe deposit box for Umno-BN government’. What safe deposit box is he talking about?” Jugol asked.

Not a Pakatan partner

Jugol described the report as a “tired and worn-out gimmick” aimed at “confusing” Sarawakians.

He also said that SNAP was no longer a “genuine partner” in the Pakatan Rakyat coalition.

“We have said time and again that SNAP, while strictly not a formal member of Pakatan, is willing to work with Pakatan in Sarawak.

“But the basis of this collaboration with Pakatan has always been whether Pakatan could help enhance the interest of the party and that of Sarawakians.

“Why should we work with any organisation that compromises the interests of Sarawak? ” he asked.

Jugol also denied claims that SNAP was ready to pay for PKR candidates to join the party.

“It is a nonsensical and irresponsibel statement. The statement is designed to create confusion, cast the party in a bad light and depict PKR people as ready for sale. This is an outrageous view,” he said.

Jugol also chided the report for accusing SNAP of being a “fake opposition”.

“For Sarawakians who are party members and who have suffered badly for years when their party was deregistered and were deprived of their political vehicle, it was surely not fake suffering, ” he said.

He also slammed claims that former minister Leo Moggie was involved in the secret plot.

“Moggie is working hard as chairman of a government-linked company in Kuala Lumpur. We are sure that he has no time for such petty politicking and character assassination.

“We also categorically say that we are not part of any plot,” he said.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pressure group says Snap has lost its funder

by Stephen Tiong

Controversial businessman Soh Chee Wen has reportedly withdrawn financial support for the Sarawak National Party (Snap).

This was revealed by pressure group Movement for Change Sarawak (MoCS) leader Francis Siah, who claimed that Soh gave him the green light to make the announcement.

However, this could not be independently verified by Malaysiakini. Telephone calls and text messages to Soh went unanswered.

francis siah uncensored nurul izzah interview 020608 07He said Soh contacted him last night. after reading an article on the Sarawak Report website, that Snap was consorting with BN.

“Soh wants to clear his name, say that he is no longer involved. He asked me to this, so I am doing it now,” Siah (right) told reporters.

He claimed that Soh had initially agreed to help Snap financially because his intention was to mobilise maginalised groups throughout Malaysia into a political force.

“He has given more than RM300,000 to Snap. The first RM50,000 was received by one of the leaders, and after that more money was given out," Siah said.

Down payment for cars

He said some Snap leaders also asked Soh for the downpayment for six vehicles.

“But Soh only gave three of them RM20,000 each as downpayment for the vehicles and rejected fundomg for the other three vehicles,” he said.

NONESoh (right) is a wealthy businessman and former associate of then MCA president Dr Ling Liong Sik.

After his fallout with MCA, Soh became close with PKR's top brass and allegedly backed the then PKR supreme council member, Zaid Ibrahim.

Now that Soh and his political associates are no longer with PKR, there has been heavy speculation that he is betting on Snap, which is on a collision course with Sarawak PKR over seat allocations in the coming state election.

On March 6, Snap president Edwin Dundang told a press conference that he "has never heard" of Soh.

MoCS to field candidates

On the coming Sarawak election, Siah said MoCS was contemplating fielding candidates in Bukit Saban, Krian, Machan and Marudi, with the intention of spoiling Snap's chances there.

Certain Snap leaders, he claimed, had deviated from their original intention, which is to unite the Dayak community.

“It is for this reason that MoCS has to fight Snap in this election. Since MoCS has been partly responsible in the so-called rebranding and rejuvenating of Snap, we have to get at it in the election, at whatever cost,” he said.

He said that at an earlier meeting among Snap, PKR and MoCS, it was decided that Snap and PKR would combine forces to fight for the Dayaks. However, he said, Snap has reneged on this agreement.

“We want to finish off Snap. It is now MoCS' No 2 enemy, after Chief Minister Taib Mahmud,” Siah added.

Taib still has missions to accomplish - Dundang

The Borneo Post, 28th August, 2010.

Click on picture to enlarge and read.

Out of SNAP President's own mouth. What more evidence do you need?


Sarawak Report bisi udah nerima sebengkah penerang ari Barisan Nasional, ti ngayan ke randau rahsia sida enggau parti SNAP, dikena sida numbang ke raban penyakal lalu ngenan ke genggam kuasa BN di menoa Sarawak udah lepas pengawa bipilih besai tu ila.

Kami tetemu ke penerang, ti endor BN perintah besai benong muboh ke duit ti maioh soh SNAP ti diidup ke baru (ti endang ditaga ke nyadi sebengkah kaban parti penyakal), udah diputus ke leboh maia penemuai Menteri Besai Najib Razak enggau Sapit Menteri Besai Muhyiddin Yassin ba ujong minggu tu tadi. Jako randau rahsia tu diator entara Ketua Penerangan UMNO, Datuk Ahmad Maslan, ti nyempulang penemuai Menteri Besai enggau sapit iya nya, lalu betemu enggau semoa pugu-kalu tuai-tuai SNAP di Kuching.

Penerang ari dalam BN, ti nyebut randau rahsia nya “rahsia ti kelalu dipelalai ke”, endang siko orang ti semak amat enggau bala pemutus-penemu dalam UMNO. Kenu ko pemeri penerang soh kami nya, UMNO-BN endang ngasoh SNAP nyadi ke pemechah undi, lalu SNAP ditaga ke dikena nentu ke bisi tiga sukut rebut kerusi ba tiap iti sitak. BN Perintah Besai endang deka ningkil ke Taib laban udah iya ti ditemu tentu deka alah nitih ke pansik BN ngelama tu.

Ator serang

Diatu Sarawak Report mutus ke runding sida ngayan ke ngagai orang maioh pasal tipu tu dikena sida nipu bala pengundi. Dalam jaku randau rahsia (belalai) nya, BN endang ngembuan julok ati meli SNAP dikena BN ngemadu ke penanggol ti endang nuntong sida ba ikas Perintah Besai ti seruran napi jako bantah ari raban parti penyakal. Sida BN deka meli SNAP awak ke bala pengundi majak saru ngumbai diri endang ngundi parti penyakal!

Sekumbang SNAP ti seruran madah ke diri endang ngelaban Taib/parti-parti BN, sida endang majak minta diri bediri ba semoa sitak ti dikarap ke ulih meri sida pemenang. Ngena peluang SNAP ti nyau charut lalu enda sepenemu enggau parti penyakal ti bukai, nya ti lalu dikena UMNO-BN nyarut ke runding bala pengundi.

Bala pengatur pekara tu bisi bendar pengarap, enti parti penyakal bepechah, dia SNAP deka nulong BN menang, tang sida mega arap agi, enggau tulong mata duit ti maioh ari Semenanjung Malaysia, sida ulih ngangkat ke SNAP nyadi sebengkah parti penyakal ti pemadu kering ba semoa sitak menoa pesisir Sarawak ti endor sukong ke BN udah nyau kusut. Laban dipeda sida semina SNAP aja parti penyakal ti endang ari Sarawak, enda baka parti bukai ti betumboh lalu bepalan sereta bepampang di Semenanjung Malaysia. Sereta SNAP udah ulih numbang ke BN Sarawak udah tembu maia ngundi tu ila, dia SNAP lalu ‘bekalih raong’ lalu nyadi kaban BN.

Leboh pemeri penerang kami ditanya, baka ni sebengkah parti ti endang tulin-tulin ari menoa Sarawak tau baka geraji bemata dua, pemeri penerang kami nya madah ke tuju pejalai parti SNAP ke suba, enda sebaka enggau tuju pejalai ke diatu. Taib udah mechah ke parti nya ngena chara ‘suap’. SNAP nya sebengkah parti ti dulu bendar ditumboh ke menoa Sarawak, tang leboh maia Taib bekuasa, iya mechah ke parti nya. Diatu SNAP disabong charut enggau Pakatan Rakyat dikena ningkil ke Taib, lalu berebak enggau nya dikena BN-UMNO terus bekuasa di Sarawak. Munyi ko pemeri penerang kami nya ti ngenang pasal Taib:

“SNAP diatu nyau nyadi ke simpanan tetap perintah UMNO/BN. Perintah Besai deka nguna SNAP nyadi ke pintu masok sida tama Sarawak”

Sebagi ari gambar ti besai

Penerang tu meri sekeda tanda ti ngayan ke SNAP ukai bakih ti lurus ati dalam raban PR.

SNAP ti baru udah direjista baru taun nyin kemari, udah bekau iya ti digantung dalam taun 2002, nyau majak ngeruga kaul dalam PR, bepinta ke ikas penudok ti tinggi agi ari parti PR ke bukai, taja kaban dalam SNAP ditemu nadai betuboh maioh. Ba taun nyin kemari SNAP udah diagih ke 3 iko pengari, udah nya sida minta 10, udah nya 28 lalu diatu 40 iti kerusi, ti tau bendar ngujong ke pugu parti penyakal, PKR Baru Bian, nyadi mimit.

Enggau bala kaban dalam SNAP ti mimit ba pun taun tu tadi, SNAP ditemu regap-regap sebelah menoa tu begiga ke kaban baru, lalu bisi mega sida meri pengawa enggau penudok soh sapa-sapa ti deka enggau sida awak ke dikena ngenegap ke parti nya nyadi sebengkah parti ti kering lalu tau dikarap ke. Upah ti diberi sida nya enda ditemu penatai, ti kenu ko sida nya endang duit parti nya empu.

Kami mega dipadah ke, nyau ka semoa pengari dalam PKR udah ditanya lalu dipinta merejok ngagai perau sida ba beberapa bulan ke udah, enggau upah ti manggai RM500,000, taja pan nadai siko kaban penyakal udah nerima peminta sida SNAP nya.

Ba sebengkah penerang ujong minggu dulu ti madah ke Granda Aing ti empai lama tu, udah enda lantang ati laban enda tulih ke penudok nyadi tuai dalam PKR, udah ‘bekalih raong’ ngagai SNAP, tang udah nya iya pan enda dikeiboh ke. Baru Bian mega kala diasoh sida SNAP matak diri di Ba’ Kelalan laban dikena meri awak ke pengari BN bediri dia.

Dikena SNAP nya ngayan ke sida endang udah bisi maioh pengari, sida ngerintai ke nama 16 iko pengari. Nyerumba nya sida kala mega minta siko ari raban pengarang berita Sarawak Report masok nyadi kaban sida (tang kaban kami nya nulak peminta sida).

Jako ambu Stanley Jugol ti madah ke SNAP endang enggau BN

Sarawak Report mega bisi dipadah ke Secretary General ke parti SNAP udah ngati ke diri meri penerang pasal kaul SNAP enggau BN soh sebuah suratkabar ba minggu nyin kemari.

Pengarang berita ari suratkabar nya udah nanya Stanley Jugol nama kebuah SNAP balat amat ngutok sereta bejai PKR tang ukai BN ti endang munsoh SNAP ‘ti bendar’. Dia Stanley Jugol lalu nyaut, laban SNAP ‘beguna ke BN meri pemansang ke menoa pesisir, lalu pengawa ngutok BN nya deka ngemuntan ke pemansang ba endor-endor nya!’

Penerang ti nyerupa jako BN nya ngasoh pengarang berita nya tekenyit bendar ati, lalu nanya enti SNAP endang bisi ati deka masok nyadi kaban BN enti sida menang ba pengawa bepilih besai tu ila. Enggau tanya nya, Stanley Jugol nyaut, “ya”. Nitih ke pemeri penerang kami, pengarang berita nya ngaga simpul penemu ti madah ke SNAP endang dipelanja BN Perintah Besai dikena numbang ke PKR. Berebak enggau nya mega, President SNAP empu, Edwin Dundang udah ngasoh sekeda orang alit ati ke pengeraja iya baka ke laboh ari langit, ti endor iya bisi ditemu meli sebuah kereta pick-up Toyata Hilux, lalu iya mega bisi didinga orang besemaia deka nyedia ke agih belanja RM300,000 ngagai pengari SNAP ba tiap iti kerusi ba sitak ti diperebut ke tu ila.

Beberapa bulan tu udah SNAP bisi udah didinga bulih sukong enggau mata duit ari siko-dua orang dagang ti enda ditemu nama. Datai ke sari tu, peragam bala orang endang bisi siko orang dagang bekaul enggau pengawa tu, tang diatu terang bendar penatai duit bantu ke SNAP nya endang datai ari munsoh PR (di Semenanjung Malaysia) lumor satu, iya nya BN, lalu nya meh chara UMNO-BN niri ke SNAP nyadi ke parti penyakal ti palsu!

Aum rahsia dikena ngelaban Taib

Perambu BN Perintah Besai mega digaga dikena ningkil ke Taib, ti endang ditemu perintah besai udah bulih pengeraja ti enda patut-patut sekumbang Taib bekuasa dalam pengelama 30 taun di menoa Sarawak. Perintah Besai nangi enggai ke BN alah ketegal pengusut pengerindu bala pengundi ke Taib ti mengkang enggai badu-badu bediri minta pilih, lalu perambu BN nya ukai semina deka ngulih ke kerusi nengah SNAP, tang sida BN mega merambu ngasoh semoa pengari SNAP nya ila ngalih tama ngagai BN.

Perambu nya dikena niri ke kaul BN ti baru lalu pia mega niri ke Tuai BN ti baru, iya ti ulih ngari ke BN Semenanjung, baka ti udah dikereja Taib dulu suba. Sekeda ari bala tuai-tuai ti dipelaba ke “ngalih raong” iya nya William Mawan, ti dikarap ke nyadi ke tuai raban Dayak. Tang, orang ti dikedeka ke BN Semenanjung iya nya Abang Johari, nyadi ke Kepala Menteri ti baru nukar Taib, dalam BN Sarawak.

Pemeri penerang kami mega bisi nyebut orang ti bisi enggau ngator perambu tu iya nya siko Iban ti endang tebilang tampak rita ti diau di KL, Leo Moggie.

Leo Moggie endang ditemu bisi kaul ti manah enggau sekeda tuai-tuai Iban baka Daniel Tajem. Tajem ti kala nyadi kaban PKR lalu besetuju ke Baru Bian nyadi tuai Dayak di Sarawak. Tang, munyi ko pemeri penerang kami, Leo Moggie diatu “berunding” enggau Daniel Tajem ti madah ke pengirau ati iya ba PKR di Semenanjung Malaysia din nyau “enda ulih ngempong bala kaban sida empu, lalu parti PKR nyau majak lemi”.

Sebengkah parti ti ngembuan cherita lama ti ngasoh ati sinu

Nitih ke pansik kami ti ngayan ke pengawa ‘numbok ari belakang’ dikena ngulih ke duit nya sebengkah ari gaya pendiau enggau ulah bala kaban politik dalam SNAP beberapa taun tu ke udah. Parti SNAP udah dipechah ke Taib. Bisi mega didinga cherita ti ngenang pasal sekeda kaban SNAP (sekumbang sida ti nyadi penyakal) udah ‘ngalih raong’ lalu masok BN, ketegal ti udah enda mujor maia kempen ngelaban BN. Diatu bala ‘raong’ nya ditengkila ke benong ngayan ke pengeraja ti enda ditemu ari ni penatai udah bekau sida ti ‘bekalih raong’ nya.

Empai lama dulu ari tu SNAP udah ngayan ke rintai nama 16 iko pengari ti deka didiri ke sida, taja pan sida endang empai besetuju enggau tiga bengkah parti Pakatan Rakyat maia ti ngator penudok-penudok ti deka dipelaban ke nya.

Bala pengari bisi ditemu udah diberi RM10,000 ke chengkeram sida, lalu sida nya dipadah ke deka bulih maioh agi duit bantu ba maia kempen tu ila. Bala orang ti merati ke pengawa politik madah ke semoa pengari sida SNAP nya endang ukai orang ti dalam penemu dalam politik, lalu nyimpul ke penemu ti madah ke bala pengari nya semina ke kaki-jari SNAP ba maia ngundi aja, dikena SNAP ngulih ke endor dalam politik menoa tu.

Enggau semoa penerang ti diterima Sarawak Report, kami minta SNAP nyaut sekeda tanya kami sekali ke sida endang deka nyadi sebagi ari kaban BN udah tembu maia bepilih tu ila. Enti enda, baka ni ko chara sida deka bebula ke sida endang ngeruga kaul dalam PR maia ti berunding ke agih penudok, ke terubah nya sida didinga ngati ke diri ngayan ke rintai nama pengari 16 iko sida empu lalu ke dua sida madah ke diri deka ngayan ke rintai nama 40 iko agi pengari sida ari semoa 71 iti penudok, ti enggau nya dikena sida nentu ke sida belaban 3 segi ba semoa sitak menoa pesisir?

Ngena peluang tu Sarawak Report minta SNAP diatu patut ngayan ke sapa parti nya ti bendar. Kami minta SNAP badu agi nipu pengundi Sarawak lalu bemain politik duit ti enda patut dikereja ba pengawa bepilih besai ti beresi sereta enda berat sepiak tu.

How much is Snap worth to Umno/BN?

FMT Staff | March 24, 2011

Months into its rebranding activity, Sarawak Nasional Party (Snap) is being linked to Umno/Barisan Nasional.

KUCHING: A conspiracy by the federal level Barisan Nasional to topple Chief Minister Taib Mahmud and snatch victory in the upcoming state election is allegedly afoot.

In the centre of this conspiracy is Sarawak Nasional Party (Snap) which has been earmarked as the vehicle to oust Taib, break up the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (read PKR) pact and form a new BN coalition with another leader who would continue to represent West Malaysian interests.

Sources close to the BN in Kuala Lumpur disclosed that the top Umno leadership was shocked and angry at the outcome of the ‘secret polls’ commissioned by Taib’s Information Department, which had revealed that BN would lose its seats in the upcoming 10th state election.

Sources attributed the potential loss of BN seats to Taib’s refusal to step down despite his widely reported list of alleged abuse and atrocities against indigenous natives and Sarawak’s rainforest.

According to sources, former minister, the influential Leo Moggie, is the hand behind the plot.

Moggie, a powerful and influential Iban, is based in Kuala Lumpur. He is apparently in the midst of convincing iconic Dayak community leader-cum-diplomat Daniel Tajem to bring Snap into the Umno-BN fold.

Tajem is advisor to Snap.

He was also once with PKR and has a known fondness for Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian whom he has often described as a “moral and good leader of Sarawak Dayaks’.

Game plan

The conspiracy ‘deal’ according to online blog Sarawak Report involves federal BN pouring money into re-emerging Snap.

The ‘deal’ apparently was finalised during Prime Minister Najib Razak and his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin’s trip to Kuching last week.

Allegedly heading the negotiations was Umno information chief Ahmad Maslan. Maslan it seems had met with ‘key players’ from Snap.

The ‘game plan’ is to fortify Snap to split the opposition. It is also understood that the federal BN is ready to ditch Taib despite his announcement that he could step down mid-term after the state polls.

The report goes on to elaborate that the BN strategy is to buy over Snap and “cheat the electorate into thinking it is voting for the opposition.”

Quoting an informant, the report suggested that the plan was a “good way to get rid of Taib while keeping control of Sarawak.”

“Snap is now the safe deposit for the Umno/BN government. The federal government wants to use Snap as an entry into Sarawak.

“The bottom line is we want to take over Sarawak,” said the informant.

Blowing the whistle on Snap: Better for Pakatan to make a clean break

Written by Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle

So it’s not PKR’s arrogance but rather BN’s lucre that has made Snap pull out from the Pakatan Rakyat in Sarawak.

That’s buzz on the grapevine after Sarawak Report revealed how Umno information chief Ahmad Maslan had quietly brokered a deal with Snap president Edwin Dundang over the weekend.

Although PKR leaders have refused to confirm or deny the report, it certainly makes sense to seasoned observers. They have been wondering how a minnow party could demand to be given the right to contest 40 out of the 71 legislative seats up for grabs.

“I cannot answer yet because we have another meeting on Thursday,” PKR Sarawak chief Baru Bian told Malaysia Chronicle late on Wednesday night.

“We need to maintain goodwill. We cannot prejudice our co-operation for the time being. PKR will try until the final minute. You see, the burden is on PKR because we have to take on the Snap seats, not DAP or PAS. So we have to make the extra effort,” PKR vice president Tian Chua told Malaysia Chronicle.

New found wealth

Despite the fuzzy answers from the PKR leaders, few Sarawak watchers believe anything will come out of the Thursday meeting.

PKR supporters are already bracing for Snap to walk out, in keeping with its alleged agreement with the BN to make PKR and Pakatan look inept.

Many have urged PKR not to give in and warned against trusting Snap as chances were high it would defect sooner or later.

“Pakatan must accept their fate. They have to toil and struggle for their success. It won’t come easily but good things are worth waiting for. Pakatan must always stand on the moral high ground whereas Snap is obviously insincere. Their demands are just too outrageous,” PKR veteran Eddie Wong told Malaysia Chronicle.

According to Sarawak Report, Edwin Dundang raised eyebrows with a recent display of new wealth. The former Shell worker, now retired, has just acquired a luxury Toyota Helix and he has been promising prospective candidates that they will have a budget of RM300,000 to fight each constituency.

“Speculation has raged for months as to what the source of this money could be. Till now it was assumed that a mystery businessman was involved, but it now seems certain that the source of the cash is in fact PKR’s enemies in BN and that this was an attempt to buy off electoral defeat by building up Snap as a fake opposition party!” said the report.

Of the 71 seats, DAP is targeting 15 to 18, PAS about 3 to 6, PKR at least 42 and the balance was to go to Snap. But it recently raised its demand to 40 seats. It had sought only 3 seats when it joined Pakatan last year.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pressure group wants Pakatan to ditch SNAP

FMT Staff | March 23, 2011

The movement which wants to see Taib Mahmud go now fears Snap is playing ball with the BN.

KUCHING: Movement for Change, Sarawak (MoCS) leader Francis Siah today urged Sarawak Pakatan Rakyat to cut all ties with Sarawak National Party (SNAP) over the continued impasse in seat allocation talks.

“They (SNAP) don’t seem to be eager or genuine in working with the Sarawak Pakatan to bring about a change in this state.

“They are acting as though they have complete control of the state and can work on their own. If that’s the case, then it’s time Pakatan cut off all ties with them,” Siah told FMT today.

He added that the ongoing impasse over the seat talks between SNAP and PKR indicated that the former was not putting everything on the negotiation table.

“They have a new-found cockiness. Have they found a new pro-BN backer? We have to be careful about this,” he said.

SNAP and PKR are involved in a deadlock over seat allocation for the state election on April 16. Nomination is on April 6.

Siah also said that he would be lodging a police report against several SNAP members for alleged graft.

He added that MoCS has severed all ties with SNAP from today.

MoCS to contest against SNAP

Siah also said that his movement would be contesting in the state polls as a result of “SNAP’s arrogance”.

“I’m now even prepared to contest in Marudi because the SNAP candidate there whom I used to respect has become so arrogant now that the party has a lot of BN money.

“They have lost their focus and their intention now is to kill Pakatan in Sarawak. MoCS will have to stop SNAP from afflicting further damage on the opposition alliance in Sarawak,” he said.

He added that MoCS would field candidates against several SNAP key leaders.

Siah, a former Parti Star secretary-general, had previously contested and lost in the Batu Lintang seat in the 1996 and 2001 state election.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Semadi Nadai Agi Parti

Oh antu, sinu aku meda kitai Iban. Selalu "nyamai belaya dulu ari belaya ila". Tu meh utai ti kedeka sida Mamut & BN. Tak digiga sida bala parti pemangkang belaya. Tang sayau bala kitai Iban ba SNAP lalu enda mereti.

Baru manah manah PKR mai perau ke ulih ditepan kitai Iban ngicha ke ulih meruan.

Baru datai sida semenanjung mai panjong ngicha ke kitai Iban tau merengung. Enda mukai mukai ga SNAP mai terabai nyilat penatai sida ari seberai.

Tak kerah kerah sida SNAP ngumbai diri udah nyadi manah lalu tau mai pengubah ngasuh kitai Iban badu bepechah.

Nama tuju SNAP bakatu. Sapa enda nemu SNAP nadai duit, tang diatu nyau madah bisi orang sponsor. Reti nya enti nadai orang sponsor, nadai meh SNAP. Baka leka jako orang putih SNAPPED - patah. Uji peda bala sida calon SNAP, berapa iko ia ke bisi duit mimit. Kemayuh agi nya tak kering. Mayuh kapa kapa. Engka amat sekeda ari sida nya ila bisi utai ulih, tang kemayuh agi menik menik aja mata.

Ukai ku ka bejai sida SNAP, peda Edwin Dundang, nadai ga duit, Stanley Jugol, nadai ga duit. Bakani ka nyadi President etc. Candidate pan nadai sida. Ia ke temu aku sekeda bala SNAP mayuh betalipaun ngagai candidate PKR ngasuh sida nya melompat. Bakani tu ka nyadi. Uji sida SNAP anang beguai mayuh macham. Deliver first perau Pemangkang, nya baru berunding. Enti SNAP menang kerusi 16 + 20 + ? = 40. Pelaba aku nadai jalai. BN nemu, enti one-to-one fight, peluang BN alah endang besai. Tang enti 3 tauka 4 calon belaban, berani aku betui BN menang. YOU CAN CUT MY THROAT ko YB Gabriel Adit ba Batang Ai suba.

Amat munyi ko jako kaban siko. It takes a few Dayaks to kill a million Dayaks. Ko James Brooke, it needs A DAYAK TO KILL A DAYAK. Bakani kati, pengawa SNAP tu meh nganchur ke harapan kitai Iban. Enti ulih, for the sake of Iban/Dayaks anang meh sida beguai demand mayuh seats. Nya ga udah di perandau ke sida suba.

Peda PBB, ngumbai PKR bam, lapa sida enda meri mayuh agi seat ngagai PRS, SPDP enggau mayuh agi post ngagai kitai Dayak ba PBB. Sida semina nemu nganu PKR, tang sayau SNAP kena panjuk.

Semadi Nadai Agi Parti

MOCS nelanjaika SNAP!

For your reading pleasure

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Francis Siah <>
Date: Sat, Mar 19, 2011 at 4:06 PM
Subject: SNAP has become a problem - Fwd: To SNAP leaders, esp PAUL KADANG

MoCS fellows and friends,

Since MoCS started, we have never criticised anyone except the Termite. That was my decision right from the very beginning.

Now, I have to reveal to you all what is actually happening and why SNAP has been attacking PKR.

It's just the work of a few 'soldiers of fortune' in SNAP - they are all out to make a quick buck during the election. They don't even care about their own Dayak community. The rest, including their announced candidates are all innocent. This much I can say.

Remember the Clint Eastwood western, "For A Few Dollars More". That fits into the tiny brains of some SNAP people.

There will be fireworks in the days ahead. I will resolve this SNAP problem the best way possible.

Fighting the Termite has been a tall order for us. Unfortunately, we now have to settle the SNAP problem. As always, we must do what must be done.

Stay tuned.


Below: The letter I sent out to SNAP leaders yesterday

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Francis Siah <>
Date: Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 11:27 AM
Subject: To SNAP leaders, esp PAUL KADANG
To: Paul Kadang, Stanley Jugol, Anthony Liman, Douglas Alau

Dear Paul Kadang and SNAP leaders,

I have communicated with Paul Kadang on SNAP and what is going on for a long time, the last was this morning over the phone. I'm very disappointed with the way SNAP is operating.

MoCS wants to help SNAP but SNAP wants to be exclusive. DAP, PKR and PAS are together and are supportive. WHY is SNAP the odd one out. Too many secrets to hide. Paul Kadang has a lot to answer.

Let me get to the point.

I know what is going on in SNAP from Day One and its KL connection. Paul Kadang has wanted no secrets between him and me. That part I have kept but Paul has been very secretive and I've been told that he has even prevented some of you from communicating with me. Eg, Stanley Jugol is not even taking my calls now although he was happy to hear from me in the past.

MoCS has invited SNAP to several functions but even after Stanley had agreed to come, no SNAP people turned up. What? Is SNAP so powerful now that it doesn't need the help of others, even when offered.

Or could it be because I know too much of SNAP's secrets that I'm also a threat to some.

Let this be an appeal to the current crop of SNAP leaders NOT to let down your own Dayak people.

This battle should be about wanting to change Sarawak for the better and NOT about making peanut money from sponsors. Do not touch election money. It's dirty!

I'm aware of how much money has been received by SNAP and where it comes from. A sum of 200k has been received via Paul so far. Only a measly sum but SNAP is expecting more.

(I have to state this figure because Paul smsed me this morning to declare that he does not handle election money. Can Paul deny here that he received the sum from the KL sponsor? )

The KL funders could be sincere in wanting to help but it's not to fight PKR and create dissension in Pakatan Rakyat.

Let me STATE this very clearly.

If SNAP wants to be EXCLUSIVE, then it's also in the way of MoCS's agenda for change and wanting to rid Sarawak of its most corrupt leader.

Any opposition party which deviates from this agenda will have to face the wrath from MoCS and its affiliated NGOs.

If SNAP still continues to play hard balls and does not stop its quarrels with PKR publicly, I will go to the media and tell all about what is actually happening. Then SNAP will be the enemy as well.

DAP, PAS and PKR are working very closely together. MoCS is solidly behind them.

Let me declare here that I'm not a PKR member. I'm a non-politician. But PKR leaders in Sarawak are open and sincere people, like those in DAP and PAS. YB Wong and YB Chong are proven politicians of substance and they understand MoCS's work. So too PAS people. I know that they genuinely want to help Sarawak. I'm unable to sense that in some SNAP people.

To those in SNAP, let me appeal to you - Don't kill SNAP for a few ringgit. It's a good vehicle. One day, it could be the strongest local party. Don't let Stephen Kalong Ningkan, Edward Jeli, Balan Seling, Michael Ben and other SNAP patriots who had passed on roll in their graves. Let them rest peacefully.

And please don't drag the respected elder statesman Daniel Tajem or even Edwin Dudang into this mess, principally created by Paul Kadang, and perhaps innocently and blindly supported by some of you.

Think of your own Dayak community first.

I will brief MoCS fellows on what is going on. I have no secrets with my members. If SNAP is still in this fight together with Pakatan Rakyat, there is still the opportunity to work together.

MoCS will organise a Conference of the Alliance of Opposition Forces (PR parties and NGOs) in Kuching soon. I will still invite SNAP to more chance. If SNAP is not interested to attend, then we will know your stand.

Meanwhile, stop dreaming of 40 seats. SNAP doesn't even have TEN 'winnable' candidates. Be honest about it.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

George Lagong - pengari SNAP ba Baleh.

"Mar agi meli belacan ari meli undi Iban" ko menyadi iya Datuk Sng menya.

George Lagong = SNAP

George Lagong = Datuk Sng

Datuk Sng = SNAP?

SNAP = BN!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Timbal aku ngagai Anthony anak Ibong

Post tu ditujuka aku suh Anthony anak Ibong ti udah nulis siti artikel: Azmin, get a grip

Stanley Jugol udah gagau bendar mansutka penerang ba suratkhabar ti endur iya nusui pekara-pekara ti manah pasal SNAP. Iya nusui pasal baka ni SNAP deka belaban ba 28 iti kerusi lalu ngumbai PKR nya sebengkah parti ti rangka laban enggai magi SNAP lebih ari 3 iti kerusi agi. Iya madahka PKR nya rangka lalu enda lurus ati.

Aram kitai sama-sama beratika pekara-pekara ti bendar lalu mutuska runding kitai empu, sapa ti rangka enggau sapa ti enda lurus ati ba kaul tu.

Kenyau ari taun 2009, PKR udah mupuk-mupuk nanam leka ubah ba ke semua 29 iti sitak kerusi ti mayuh agi pengundi Dayak. Bala orang ti bekereja enggau PKR udah enggau chara senyap-senyap ngatur pejalai sida ba semua sitak nya, tang SNAP nadai dipeda kenaya, nadai dipeda semengat.

Diatu, nyau udah tembu bumai lalu datai ba maya ngetau, parti SNAP lalu tedani lalu bejaku, “Aram kitai ngetau ba 28 ari 29 sitak ti udah dipumai PKR.” Sapa ti udah ngelabuhka benih lalu bumai ngelama tu? SNAP tauka PKR?

Patut tauka enda SNAP tak tama umai orang lalu ngerampas semua ketau ketegal iya ti ngumbai diri ngarika raban bansa Dayak, lalu madahka diri nya bisi penampak dalam cherita lama parti Dayak?

Dikena nambahka pengerusak, semua kitai nemu SNAP endang nadai perengka ti chukup sereta meruan, tauka pengari. Nya alai SNAP lalu regap-regap nguji ngerampas bala penyukung PKR. SNAP mega bisi ditemu mujuk pengari PKR awakka ninggalka PKR lalu tama SNAP. Tang nadai siku udah bala penyukung tauka pengari PKR deka tama ngagai SNAP. Nama pengawa udah dikereja SNAP?

SNAP bejaku nengah suratkhabar enggau ba media arus internet, dalam blog-blog enggau facebook, iya begunaka 28 iti penuduk tang belalai-belalai minta PKR ngelepaska pengari sida lalu ngasuh PKR bediri ngena tiket SNAP. Baka ni ku kita nyebut tu?

Enti ba rumah panjai kitai, sapa-sapa orang ti ditemu ngenchuri utai orang bukai deka ditinggang adat ti berat. Patut kitai nunggu SNAP laban sida nguji deka ngenchuri pengari PKR? Ba mua mensia mayuh SNAP nyebut pekara siti, tang ari belakang iya bebendar amat mujuk pengari PKR ninggalka parti PKR lalu bediri ngarika SNAP. Nya alai, sapa ke bendar iya rangka?

Diatu kitai sama nemu SNAP terang bendar udah bekaul enggau UBF enggau KITA enggau MCLM. SNAP udah terang bendar ngaga kaul enggau raban-raban nya ti benung beripih angkat ngelaban PKR tauka Pakatan Rakyat. Tang kenu ku SNAP, iya mengkang sebilik enggau Pakatan Rakyat. Nya alai, baka ni ku penegap runding SNAP? Sekali ke SNAP dalam Pakatan Rakyat, tauka ngelaban Pakatan Rakyat? Enti ba rumah panjai kitai, sapa-sapa bini tauka laki orang ti ditemu butang enggau lelaki tauka indu bukai deka ditinggang adat butang ti berat. Patut tauka enda kitai nunggu SNAP ketegal butang?

Ba sebengkah aum besai PKR Sarawak, kaban SNAP bisi diambi enggau mendingka aum. Bala kami dalam PKR mega bisi madahka Stanley Jugol enggau anak iya nerima jaku tesau kami nya. Bisi tauka nadai seduai iya datai ngulu aum kami nya? Kitai deka tetemuka saut iya ditu:

None of the Snap leaders attended today's PKR convention despite being invited. "They must be very busy," Anwar said in jest.

“Nyangka nya bala tuai-tuai SNAP agi benung kiruh magang diatu,” piaku Anwar nyebut enggau jaku tundi.

Jaku Anwar tau dibacha ba artikel tu: Anwar: Only candidates with integrity for S'wak

DAP diarika YB Chong Chieng Jen enggau YB Violet Yong enggau dua puluh iku bala kaban parti sida, lalu PAS diarika Tuai Nembiak sida Fidzuan enggau raban iya. Tang bala sida SNAP endang nadai dipeda, lalu kerusi-kerusi ti endang ditagaka sida puang magang-magang.

Sehari udah nya, PAS bisi ngatur sebengkah forum ti bekaul enggau issue-issue tanah NCR enggau penanggul rampas tanah. Maya nya SNAP bisi diambi mendingka forum PAS nya lalu gambar mua Edwin Dundang mega bisi ditampal ba kain rentang panggau begulai enggau bala tuai-tuai Pakatan Rakyat ti bukai. YB Chong bisi datai ngarika DAP lalu Baru Bian mega bisi datai ngarika PKR. Tang bisi bala sida SNAP datai?

Lalu Stanley Jugol majak rauh-rauh madahka bala PKR enda lurus ati enggau iya. Sapa ti bendar iya enda lurus ati?

Anthony anak Ibong enggau sekeda orang ti sebaka penemu enggau iya rindu bendar ngenang penampak SNAP dulu menya. Tang Anthony engka udah enda ingatka bala tuai-tuai dalam SNAP ke diatu baka sida Edwin Dundang enggau Stanley Jugol nya bala orang BN?

Ditu kami deka nangkan Anthony pasal sekeda pekara ti bendar: SNAP enda kala ninggalka BN. SNAP ditendang BN. Tang udah BN beratika sida bisi peluang begunaka SNAP dikena mechahka undi Dayak, BN lalu ngerejista baru SNAP. Tu mih pemendar ti enda tau dipelalaika SNAP, tauka ngeluluka diri enda ingat ke tu. Tau kitai ngumbai BN ti udah ngerejista baru SNAP dalam kandang ti enda lama nya pengawa ti lurus lalu nadai kebuah bukai?

Dalam kandang tiga bulan tu udah, SNAP udah gagau bendar nyerang Pakatan Rakyat, lebih agi PKR. Bisi kitai kala ninga SNAP mantah Taib tauka BN? Patut tauka enda kitai berasai alit ati nama kebuah SNAP enda engkeretik ba pasal BN? Awakka aku madahka nuan nama kebuah.

Sebengkah penerang ti bisi diterima aku ti madahka Stanley Jugol udah madahka sekeda pengarang suratkhabar ti endur iya nyebut SNAP endang enda mantah BN laban SNAP agi begunaka sukung enggau bantu ari BN! Ya, Jugol endang bisi didinga nyebut jaku nya suh bala pengarang suratkhabar! Leka jaku ti nyemetak disebut Jugol munyi tu “kami (SNAP) begunaka duit bantu pengawa pemansang ari BN”.

Nama kebuah pekara tu tau nyadi? SNAP tentu minta bantu BN ari segi belanja, laban siku taukey China di KL ti besemaya deka melanja sida, diatu udah ngelarika diri lalu enda temu sida penunga.

Antu Beduru ulih belabaka utai tu nyadi beberapa bulan ti udah, tang siku pan bala kitai enggai arapka utai tu. Pengamat enggau pemendar udah ngayanka diri, lalu taukey China nya udah lesap nadai temu penunga, lalu nadai mega udah meri sida sesen! Nya kebuah SNAP diatu nyau pulai baru ngagai tuan lama iya: BN!

Enti SNAP minta pelanja BN, enda ke SNAP nyau nyadi kaki-jari BN/Taib dikena mechahka Dayak ke sekali tu?

Nya alai, enti SNAP majak ke diri ngulihka semayuh kerusi PKR Dayak awakka dikena ngalahka Pakatan Rakyat ba pengawa bepilih besai tu ila, lalu ari nya semua kerusi Dayak tau pulai ngagai BN magang. Enda ke serak tu BN deka sekali agi nyual bansa Dayak ngagai Taib Mahmud?

Diatu kitai patut nanya diri empu tanya ti lurus. Ni maya Endwin Dundang seduai Stanley Jugol udah didinga ngelaban penemu Taib tauka BN? Ngena peluang nya mih seduai iya enggau ati ti gaga pulai baru ngagai kaul BN dikena seduai iya ngisi kuchik seduai empu. Ni maya Dundang enggau Jugol kala didinga ngarika raban Dayak ngambi pulai hak sida atas tanah NCR? Nyau diatu sida iya ke bisi didinga bejakuka pasal hak.

SNAP dipeda kitai baka parti internet ti landik ngatur symposium din enggau ditu. Tang ba dunya nyata tu, SNAP endang ditemu kitai enda kebut-kebut, tauka ngembuan perengka dikena kimpin enggau kaban ti chukup ngereja pengawa ke sida. Baka tu gaya parti ti deka ngarika raban bansa Dayak?

Enggau tu, Anthony anak Ibong, aku enggau basa deka ngasuh nuan nimbal semua tanya ditu. Aku mega minta Edwin Dundang enggau Stanley Jugol nyaut tanya aku tu. Raban bansa Dayak patut diasuh kitai nemu semua pemendar. Ngelama-lama tu bansa Dayak udah dibelit lalu dikelakar Taib, lalu Taib enggau BN deka sekali agi ngena SNAP mechahka Dayak. SNAP – bala tuai-tuai kita ke diatu meri malu ke penampak nama parti kita ngena tipu enggau semaya kusung sida nya.

Udah macha George Lagong - pengari SNAP ba Baleh?