Friday, March 25, 2011

"All the candidates are deemed 'high risk', integrity wise, and are not favourable under the principles MCLM holds," Haris said.

1. Edwin Dundang (Marudi)

2. Kebing Wan (Telang Usan)

3. Augustine Liom (Machan)

4. Anthony Liman Sujang (Krian)

5. Dayrell Walter Entrie (Bukit Saban)

6. Stephen Sigar (Opar)

7. Frankie Jurem Nyumboi (Tasik Biru)

8. Richard Peter Munai (Bengoh)

9. Sylvester Belayong (Kedup)

10. Abang Othman Abang Gom (Lingga)

11. Dan Giang (Balai Ringgin)

12. Joe Unggang (Layar)

13. Tedong Gunda alias Jamal Abdullah (Pakan)

14. George Lagong (Baleh)

15. John Bampa (Belaga)

16. Johari Bujang (Lambir)

17. Simijie Janting (Engkilili)

18. Ateng Jeros (Tarat)

19. Anthony Nais (Tebedu)

20. Ivanhoe Anthony Belon (Bukit Begunan)

21. Bakin Umpa (Meluan)

22. Alexius Douglas (Ngemah)

23. Munan John Andrew (Tamin)

24. Adang Jirau (Kakus)

25. Douglas Alau (Pelagus)

26. Toh Heng San (Katibas)

27. Rosnah Mohamad (Jepak)

28. Lawrence Cosmas Sundang (Batu Danau)

Feel free to contribute any information you might have on any of the above candidates. As they are willing to offer themselves as candidates, then they must also be willing to submit themselves to the scrutiny of the public who will eventually vote for them. Or not.

Leave your information in the comment section.


Anonymous said...

10. Abang Othman Abang Gom (Lingga) - Not a Dayak majority area. Abang Othman was a PKR member until last week before he resigned to join SNAP because he was not successful in getting a PKR candidacy. FROG.

16. Johari Bujang (Lambir) - Not a Dayak majority area either.

25. Toh Heng San (Katibas) - Chinese standing in a Dayak majority area?

27. Rosnah Mohamad (Jepak) - Not a Dayak majority area. Rosnah was a PKR member before she resigned to join SNAP because she was never considered for a PKR candidacy. FROGGESS.

What happened to SNAP's "umbrella to unite the Dayaks?" One minute tell the public it's a Dayak party to unite all Dayaks and fight for Dayak rights, and the next minute it's open to all.

Cakap tak serupa bikin.

Anonymous said...

There are 29 Dayak seats. Out of 28 seats listed above, 3 are not Dayak majority areas - Lingga, Lambir, Jepak.

Which means SNAP is only contesting in 25 Dayak seats.

So SNAP isn't contesting in Ba Kelalan, Batang Ai, Simanggang, and Kemena.

Anonymous said...

1. Edwin Dundang (Marudi): He can call on all the gods of Borneo but he won't have a chance in hell to win.

2. Kebing Wan (Telang Usan): He has stood in every election since Malaysia was formed and his majority has been reducing steadily. Will he call on the gods of Borneo for help?

3. Augustine Liom (Machan): Chief Justice who never lifted a finger for the Dayaks in NCR land disputes. Even as a High Court Judge, he was rumoured to have been easily bought.

9. Sylvester Belayong (Kedup): Lost his deposit in 2006.

11. Dan Giang (Balai Ringgin): Campaign manager for Cobbold John in the 2006 elections. Cobbold lost his deposit.

12. Joe Unggang (Layar): Sacked by the bank. Why?

14. George Lagong (Baleh): Half-brother of Datuk Sng Chee Hua. "Mar agi meli belachan ari meli undi Iban."

15. John Bampa (Belaga): Compromised himself after supposedly brokering a deal between a logging company and the NCR landowners. The landowners now don't trust him.

Anonymous said...

toh heng san said he is pulling out.

Anonymous said...

Be careful to select the representative. There are some truly genuine and ofcoz many more garbage who only strive for their own political agenda. Most of them are ex-BN man. Go for young blood, new faces, new way of thinking, new struggle, who did not only speak for himself. Ex-BN man cannot make any changes, they are same all the way. Their mindset will never change. If they win, they still perform the same way before.

Anonymous said...

Special Branch with an independent body conducted lie detector tests on candidates for elections.It is understood that the lie detector equipment went bonkers as the first two candidates , one from the ruling party and one from the opposition took their tests.Both were liars.
So the Elections Commission now ask voters to look at the eyes of candidates when they are speaking. If their eyes shift all the time and not focused when delivering speeches – Liars ! When they shake hands,look them in the eyes – If their eyes move away from yours – Forget about voting that person. Another Liar

Anonymous said...

17. Simijie Janting (Engkilili) Qualification? Engkililians Favourite..don't think so

Anonymous said...

Snap candidates are not worth a kilo of belacan. All will lose their contest. May be half lose the deposit. Take my words and check the results 16 April 2011.

Anyone takes a bet 10-2?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Snap candidates are not worth a kilo of belacan. All will lose their contest.

WELL said, Anon.