Saturday, March 19, 2011

MOCS nelanjaika SNAP!

For your reading pleasure

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From: Francis Siah <>
Date: Sat, Mar 19, 2011 at 4:06 PM
Subject: SNAP has become a problem - Fwd: To SNAP leaders, esp PAUL KADANG

MoCS fellows and friends,

Since MoCS started, we have never criticised anyone except the Termite. That was my decision right from the very beginning.

Now, I have to reveal to you all what is actually happening and why SNAP has been attacking PKR.

It's just the work of a few 'soldiers of fortune' in SNAP - they are all out to make a quick buck during the election. They don't even care about their own Dayak community. The rest, including their announced candidates are all innocent. This much I can say.

Remember the Clint Eastwood western, "For A Few Dollars More". That fits into the tiny brains of some SNAP people.

There will be fireworks in the days ahead. I will resolve this SNAP problem the best way possible.

Fighting the Termite has been a tall order for us. Unfortunately, we now have to settle the SNAP problem. As always, we must do what must be done.

Stay tuned.


Below: The letter I sent out to SNAP leaders yesterday

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From: Francis Siah <>
Date: Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 11:27 AM
Subject: To SNAP leaders, esp PAUL KADANG
To: Paul Kadang, Stanley Jugol, Anthony Liman, Douglas Alau

Dear Paul Kadang and SNAP leaders,

I have communicated with Paul Kadang on SNAP and what is going on for a long time, the last was this morning over the phone. I'm very disappointed with the way SNAP is operating.

MoCS wants to help SNAP but SNAP wants to be exclusive. DAP, PKR and PAS are together and are supportive. WHY is SNAP the odd one out. Too many secrets to hide. Paul Kadang has a lot to answer.

Let me get to the point.

I know what is going on in SNAP from Day One and its KL connection. Paul Kadang has wanted no secrets between him and me. That part I have kept but Paul has been very secretive and I've been told that he has even prevented some of you from communicating with me. Eg, Stanley Jugol is not even taking my calls now although he was happy to hear from me in the past.

MoCS has invited SNAP to several functions but even after Stanley had agreed to come, no SNAP people turned up. What? Is SNAP so powerful now that it doesn't need the help of others, even when offered.

Or could it be because I know too much of SNAP's secrets that I'm also a threat to some.

Let this be an appeal to the current crop of SNAP leaders NOT to let down your own Dayak people.

This battle should be about wanting to change Sarawak for the better and NOT about making peanut money from sponsors. Do not touch election money. It's dirty!

I'm aware of how much money has been received by SNAP and where it comes from. A sum of 200k has been received via Paul so far. Only a measly sum but SNAP is expecting more.

(I have to state this figure because Paul smsed me this morning to declare that he does not handle election money. Can Paul deny here that he received the sum from the KL sponsor? )

The KL funders could be sincere in wanting to help but it's not to fight PKR and create dissension in Pakatan Rakyat.

Let me STATE this very clearly.

If SNAP wants to be EXCLUSIVE, then it's also in the way of MoCS's agenda for change and wanting to rid Sarawak of its most corrupt leader.

Any opposition party which deviates from this agenda will have to face the wrath from MoCS and its affiliated NGOs.

If SNAP still continues to play hard balls and does not stop its quarrels with PKR publicly, I will go to the media and tell all about what is actually happening. Then SNAP will be the enemy as well.

DAP, PAS and PKR are working very closely together. MoCS is solidly behind them.

Let me declare here that I'm not a PKR member. I'm a non-politician. But PKR leaders in Sarawak are open and sincere people, like those in DAP and PAS. YB Wong and YB Chong are proven politicians of substance and they understand MoCS's work. So too PAS people. I know that they genuinely want to help Sarawak. I'm unable to sense that in some SNAP people.

To those in SNAP, let me appeal to you - Don't kill SNAP for a few ringgit. It's a good vehicle. One day, it could be the strongest local party. Don't let Stephen Kalong Ningkan, Edward Jeli, Balan Seling, Michael Ben and other SNAP patriots who had passed on roll in their graves. Let them rest peacefully.

And please don't drag the respected elder statesman Daniel Tajem or even Edwin Dudang into this mess, principally created by Paul Kadang, and perhaps innocently and blindly supported by some of you.

Think of your own Dayak community first.

I will brief MoCS fellows on what is going on. I have no secrets with my members. If SNAP is still in this fight together with Pakatan Rakyat, there is still the opportunity to work together.

MoCS will organise a Conference of the Alliance of Opposition Forces (PR parties and NGOs) in Kuching soon. I will still invite SNAP to more chance. If SNAP is not interested to attend, then we will know your stand.

Meanwhile, stop dreaming of 40 seats. SNAP doesn't even have TEN 'winnable' candidates. Be honest about it.



Anonymous said...

the truth is out!!!

Stevie said...

Pls...think of your own future generation. God is always good with the Dayak!...Pls don't take the dirty money...otherwise you will always be remember forever by people generation after generation as "JUdas Iscariot"...the one who betrayed the LORD!...I am not a Dayak, but i live with them all of my life.Love them...and even married to one.

Anonymous said...

SNAP will destroy the Dayaks and hand over their seats to Taib!!! Another Ming Court. And PRS and SPDP will be shoved aside. SNAP sees an opportunity to return to BN via the back door.

PKR, don't concede any seats to these Judas opportunists!!!!!

Anonymous said...

SNAP leaders... please don't spoil this election for quik bucks. hear the cries of the natives, we have gone thru' enough of hardship, and enough is enough... let us together fight for what is rightly due to us..

Anonymous said...

This fucking Francis Sial got angry with Snap simply because Snap does not want to heed to his request to bring in chinese candidates for Snap.Snap chose not to quarrel with DAP.This Francis Sial got mad because he would not be able to get kantows if none of his men becomes the candidates.Simple as that.This fucking fellow Sial want to emulate RPK's MCLM but who is he ?When no political party wants him,he come up with MOCS,hoping it can be used for cari makan,by trying to affiliate himself with Snap,but who is he? This fucking Sial can reveal anything about Snap,but then ,Snap will not and will never bow to a parasite.

timchoo said...

From what I see, there's no real leader in SNAP. It has SNAPPED for good. What happens ia there are opportunists around who are quick to take advantage of SNAP leadership void. Sida tu only look at lubang duit. So what if dayak or PKR alah, as long as I get "mimit pama meh ari ke nadai" So thats rhe truth about SNAP. And its a really great pity that Daniel Tajem was easily hoodwinked by those vultures like Paul Kadang.
So beware kita dayak bukai, because those vultures are on the loose, explaining & elucidating their reasons for going it alone, and shipping out from PR. Peda meh ila, enti SNAP amat popular. But munyi ko YB G Adit. "You can cut my throat"