Thursday, December 30, 2010

Enda ga Iban jera?

Diatu Antu Beduru udah ngeransi sereta ringat amat-amat, laban iya bisi tetemu ke siko orang dagang bebansa China deka meri duit ngagai SNAP. Tu mih ti ngasoh Antu Beduru ringat soh bala Iban ti lalu enda nemu jera dikemeli ke orang bukai.

Udah SNAP laboh suba, enda ga Iban jera? Tumbang SNAP diganti PBDS. Enda ga Iban jera? Pechah PBDS lalu diganti PRS, lalu tumboh ga SPDP. Enda ga Iban jera?

Agi ga Iban angkun sereta talok ke duit orang bukai? Lapa Iban lalu enda nemu ngati ke diri ngiga belanja? Seruran arap ke orang nulong? Enti bepuloh-puloh taun agi ga baka tu, nadai penyadi bansa Iban. Tu mih ti ngeruga penemu Antu Beduru.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tu mih Kepala Menteri kita ti baru!

Kami bisi nerima sebengkah penerang ti nyukong berita ti dipansut ke kami pasal perambu besalam enggi Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak enggau Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud. Baka ti kala udah dipansut ke, orang dalam kami ngayan ke Putrajaya deka ke Taib badu mangku pengawa iya, lalu minta iya nyerah ke kuasa iya soh Kepala Menteri bebansa Iban awak ke bala pengundi Iban meri sukong ti penoh sida maia pengawa bepilih besai bulan Januari 2011 tu ila.

Kepala Menteri Iban nya, Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu anak Numpang, semina deka nyadi Kepala Menteri enda lama aja. Udah nya iya deka nyerah ke kuasa iya soh petunggal Taib empu, iya nya Datuk Seri Dr. Mohd. Effendi Norwawi, udah bekau BN menang besai, terima kasih ke sukong bala pengundi Iban ti nyukong Kepala Menteri Iban.

Berita ti pengabis baru diterima kami ngayan ke Effendi pan enda lama mega nyadi Kepala Menteri! Iya ti amat-amat diator nyadi Kepala Menteri nganti Taib iya petunggal diri menyadi iya empu, iya nya Datuk Norah Abdul Rahman, ti benong mangku pengawa nyadi kaban parlimen Tanjong Manis. Indai Taib enggau apai Norah, iya nya gabenor enggau Kepala Menteri ti dulu Tun Abdul Rahman Yakub, endang diri menyadi. Dulu ari tu, semina berita angin aja ditemu pasal Norah ti deka nganti Taib, tang diatu berita nya endang ditemu amat sereta betul.

Perambu tu semina ngasoh Effendi mangku pengawa Kepala Menteri empat-lima taun aja, laban dikena muka jalai ke Norah megai kuasa ba PBB. Ba maia ti betul ila, Effendi lalu badu nyadi Kepala Menteri ti endor pengawa bepilih mit dipejalai ke dikena ngangkat ke Norah nganti iya. Enggau chara tu, Norah diangkat ke nyadi Kepala Menteri indu ti ke terubah ke menoa Sarawak, lalu pia mega menteri indu ti ke terubah nyadi tuai perintah di Malaysia.

Semina siti penanggol ti disadang ditapi Norah, iya nya Datuk Amar Abang Abdul Rahman Zohari Tun Abang Haji Openg, tau ke mudah agi disebut orang Abang Jo. Abang Jo tu tuai bala Melayu dalam PBB. Berita ti ditemu kami madah ke perintah besai di Putrajaya rindu agi ke Abang Jo nganti Taib. Berita angin mega bisi didinga pasal laya besalam dalam PBB, lalu Taib disadang bisi amat pengirau-ati ke semoa orang dalam PBB. PBB diatu nyau mupok-mupok bepechah.

Pulai ngagai perambu Taib ti deka ditukar enggau Norah, Taib deka berasai likun, laban Putrajaya enda tau enda ngamat ke semaia sida enda tau ‘masok champur’ dalam politik menoa Sarawak, lalu Taib deka idup enggau ati ti lantang.


Kepala Menteri Sarawak ti baru.

Kuasa raban orang diri sebilik di Sarawak.

Taja pan baka tu, perambu besalam tu bepanggai amat ba sukong bala Iban soh BN, lalu niri ke Kepala Menteri Iban, Jabu, ti disadang enti SNAP ninggal ke Pakatan Rakyat dikena mechah ke undi Iban. Diatu, Kepala Menteri Iban semina bepanggai ba undi Iban, pengundi ti pemadu maioh di Sarawak. Agi tau ke enda bala pengundi Iban dibeli ngena duit seratus-dua, projek-projek MRP, dua-tiga peti Oranjeboom enggau selampang-dua babi panggang?

This is your future Chief Minister!

We have received new information which supports our recent exposé about the top secret succession plan hatched by Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak and Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud. As reported, our source had revealed that Putrajaya wants Taib to step down and hand the reins of power to an Iban Chief Minister to placate the Ibans by January 2011.

This Iban Chief Minister, Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu anak Numpang, will only be an interim care-taker. He will hand over to Taib's cousin, Datuk Seri Dr. Mohd. Effendi Norwawi, as soon as BN has won a landslide victory thanks to the Ibans who support an Iban Chief Minister.

The latest news our source has revealed is that Effendi will also be an interim caretaker! The real successor to Taib will be none other than his own first cousin, Datuk Norah Abdul Rahman, currently the MP for Tanjong Manis. Taib's mother and Norah's father, the previous Governor and Chief Minister Tun Abdul Rahman Yakub, are siblings. Although the rumour that Norah was the heir-apparent was reported several months ago, our source has verified that this is now not a mere rumour but a very real fact.

The plan is for Effendi to warm the Chief Minister's seat for a few years while Norah fast-tracks her way up the party hierarchy in PBB. When the time is right, Effendi will resign his DUN seat and a by-election will be called with Norah standing. She will then be crowned the first woman Chief Minister of Sarawak and the first ever woman state leader of Malaysia.

The only stumbling block to Norah will be Datuk Amar Abang Abdul Rahman Zohari Tun Abang Hj. Openg, better known to us as Abang Jo. Enter the Malay faction in PBB. Our source has also revealed that Putrajaya is in favour of Abang Jo as a replacement to Taib, and it is an open secret that Abang Jo has support in high places in Putrajaya. Rumours are rife that within PBB a bitter power struggle is being fought in the corridors of power behind closed-doors. The daggers are drawn and Taib is said to be fearing even his own shadow and everyone is a suspect as far as he is concerned. The united facade PBB is desperately displaying to the public is fast beginning to crumble.

Back to Taib's succession plan. With Norah in place, Taib will be fully protected and Putrajaya will keep to their gentleman's agreement not to meddle in Sarawak's affairs, and the status quo will be maintained.


The future Chief Minister of Sarawak.

Sarawak's dynastic First Family.

However, this highly secret succession plan can only succeed if the Iban continue to vote BN and support the Iban Chief Minister-in-waiting, Jabu, which is very likely if SNAP leaves Pakatan Rakyat and splits the Iban vote. The key to the Chief Minister's Office now lies in the hands of the Iban, the majority bloc of votes in Sarawak. Will the Iban play into the cunning hands of Taib again and be easily bought by the idea of an Iban Chief Minister, some pocket money, MRPs, a few rounds of Oranjeboom and a dish of grilled pork?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jeffrey's personal wealth estimated around RM1 billion ringgit.

Page 240 (click to enlarge)

Taken from an unpublished doctoral dissertation by David Walter Brown, Why Governments Fail to Capture Economic Rent: The Unofficial Appropriation of Rain Forest Rent by Rulers in Insular Southeast Asia Between 1970 and 1999.

Click to view:

The allegations are on pages 235-248.

Jimat jimat kitak SNAP neh?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

UBF = United Beli’ Followers?

If you haven't read this article, Jeffrey's secret Miri meeting triggers rumours, read it first so that you can better understand the context of this posting.

If you haven't heard of the UBF or United Borneo Front, then read this article, Jeffrey wants to put deprived Borneo on world stage.

A Sabahan is now speaking on behalf of us Sarawakians without our consent, and apparently Jeffrey wants Sabah, S’wak ‘longhouses’ back.

Who is this Dr Jeffrey Kitingan?

“You can trust me.”

Let us be frank and honest. He is a professional frog. His long track record and vast experience in jumping from party to party and forming party after party must surely rank as the most prestigious after Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa. He has made a very successful career out of using political parties to best benefit himself.

Is this professional frog corrupt? According to an unpublished doctoral dissertation by David Walter Brown, Why Governments Fail to Capture Economic Rent: The Unofficial Appropriation of Rain Forest Rent by Rulers in Insular Southeast Asia Between 1970 and 1999, Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan is corrupt. Allegations are made by Dr. Brown in the document, which you can read online or download: The allegations are on pages 235-248.

This corrupt professional frog has just formed yet another platform, this time called the UNITED BORNEO FRONT. Would you trust a corrupt professional frog who makes a living out of forming political parties, movements, and platforms?

Apparently, some Iban would.

This corrupt professional frog was in Miri recently to meet with the top guns of SNAP. These top guns (who have no bullets) and who, judging by their appearance, are quite rusty and old and may probably not fire if you pull the trigger, think that they are smart in meeting with a corrupt professional frog. The top guns are:

A professional dancer with no money.

His professional follower, who also has no money.

Spotted at the secret meeting, sitting in the third row was this professional:

A pretend professional. But good potential to be a professional frog. Also no money.

So, all these professionals met up in Miri to discuss secret stuff a few days ago. However, it seems that their conduct wasn't very professional. The last time I checked, SNAP is still a member of Pakatan Rakyat. This means that SNAP has no business to be meeting up with other parties or platforms or whatever you want to call these fly-by-night groupings. By any measure of professionalism, it is highly unprofessional to be going around meeting with a group that you know is trying to undermine Pakatan Rakyat, more so a group led by a corrupt professional frog.

Do you know who is behind the corrupt professional frog and his UBF?

A professional one-man-show. Plenty of money.

This professional one-man-show has proven that he is not a team player and always insists on doing things his way. It is an open secret that he is teaming up with the corrupt professional frog to break Pakatan Rakyat. If he won't give way to Najib Razak or Anwar Ibrahim in the past, do you think he will give way to a professional dancer with no money whose gun has no bullets and is rusty?

If in the past I doubted SNAP's current brand of leaders' collective wisdom, now, after this very unwise move, I KNOW for a fact they have no wisdom whatsoever.

My question to SNAP: Do you think you are going to get a better deal negotiating with a corrupt professional frog and a professional one-man show?

“Jeff, make sure you goreng them nice and crispy.”

“Small pusu’. No problem, boss!”

Saturday, December 18, 2010


The hottest rumour in Kuching today is that our beloved Chief Minister will be getting married on Saturday 18th December. His future wife is further rumoured to be a young foreigner. Details of two wedding receptions have been whispered, and we cannot verify their truth, but:

(i) Official Government Dinner at Pullman Hotel.

(ii) Private reception at his residence Demak Jaya catered by Borneo Convention Centre Kuching on an Arabic Asian theme for 300 friends, family and VVIPs. Why Arabic theme? Because the bride is a 17 year old Lebanese girl introduced by Taib's own sister Raziah Mahmud, who is married to a Lebanese businessman.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish our beloved Chief Minister heartiest congratulations if this rumour is indeed true.

We have also heard that the CM will make a surprise announcement that he will retire in January and vacate his Balingian seat for the next state elections. This will catch everyone by surprise and the Opposition will not be able to target Taib anymore. Sarawak Report and Radio Free Sarawak will become ineffective and will have lost their prime target who will have surrendered and stepped down. However, Taib will keep his successor a secret.

In January, Taib will finally step down and hand over his job to his most trusted deputy and make the announcement:

Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu anak Numpang will become the next CM of Sarawak.

This is a good strategy because Taib knows that the majority of rural Ibans will be happy and 'celap ati' because finally they will have an Iban CM. They will continue to vote for BN because finally they will be able to see with their own eyes that they have an Iban CM. BN will win big, thanks to rural Iban voters who will be celebrating that they have an Iban CM.

Jabu will make the announcement for the state elections and lead BN to a resounding victory with the help of the rural Ibans who will still be celebrating for having an Iban CM.

Once BN has won, Jabu will make a further surprise announcement and step down on election results night. He will give way to the person who will stand at the Balingian seat that was vacated by Taib. Who will that person be?

Taib's own family member, Datuk Sri Dr. Hj Mohd Effendi Norwawi. Effendi and Taib are first cousins.

Effendi becomes Chief Minister and appoints Datuk Seri Douglas Uggah as Deputy Chief Minister. Power in Sarawak goes back to Taib's family. As the crowning glory, Effendi appoints Taib as Governor of Sarawak and the Agong makes him Tun Abdul Taib Mahmud.


Berita angin ti pemadu angat ti benong nyadi buah kenang mensia maioh diatu iay pasal Kepala Menteri ti deka bebini kena 18hb Disember 2010. Bini iya nya siko orang ari menoa tasik ti agi biak amat umor. Penerang pasal pengerami nikah seduai tu bisi udah kenang-kenang mensia maioh, lalu kami enda ulih ngamat ke berita tu tang:
(i) Pengerami makai lemai ba Pullman Hotel

(ii) Pengerami nikah ba rumah iya empu di Demak Jaya, pemakai disedia ke caterer ari Borneo Convention Center Kuching ngena chura adat asal bansa Arab dikena nyamu 300 iko bala pangan, sida diri sebilik enggau bala pemesai-pemesai. Nama kebuah ngena chura bansa asal Arab? Laban pengantin indu nya, nembiak indu bebansa Lebanon ti baru beumor 17 taun. Indu nya dikelala nengah menyadi Taib ti benama Raziah Mahmud, ti jadi enggau orang dagang ti mega bebansa Lebanon.

Ngena peluang tu, kami deka meri tabi puji soh Kepala Menteri ti dikesayau ke kami enti sema berita angin tu endang amat.

Kami bisi mega ninga berita angin pasal Kepala Menteri deka meri penerang enggau ngenyit ti madah ke diri deka badu kereja dalam bulan Januari 2011 tu ila, lalu nurun ari penudok Balingian iya rambau pengawa bepilih ti ka datai tu ila. Orang maioh deka tekenyit, lalu bala ari penyakal lalu enda ulih ngalah ke iya. Sarawak Report enggau Radio Free Sarawak deka pulai nadai reti laban Kepala Menteri udah nyerah ke diri lalu badu mangku pengawa. Taja pan baka nya, Taib disadang mengkang belalai ke sapa pengari ti deka nganti iya nyadi Kepala Menteri.

Dalam bulan Januari 2011 tu ila, Taib deka badu mangku pengawa iya, lalu nyerah ke pengawa Kepala Menteri ngagai sapit iya, ti endor iya lalu ngeluar ke penerang:

Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu anak Numpang deka dipadu ke nyadi Kepala Menteri Sarawak.

Tu mih chara kedua ti diator Taib, laban iya nemu tebal agi bansa Iban deka rindu sereta chelap ati meda sida udah bisi pengari sebansa enggau sida nyadi Kepala Menteri. Sida pan lalu terus ngundi BN laban sida udah meda ngena mata diri empu Jabu nyadi Kepala Menteri. BN deka menang besai, terima kasih ke bansa Iban di menoa pesisir ti deka ‘begawai besai’ meda bansa Iban udah nyadi Kepala Menteri.

Jabu deka mansut ke siti penerang sebedai pengawa bepilih ti endor iya deka ngulu ke BN ngulih ke pemujor ari sukong bala Iban menoa pesisir ti deka berami ketegal ti udah bisi Kepala Menteri Iban.

Udah BN menang, Jabu lalu mansut ke siti da penerang ti ngenyit ke ati semoa orang ba malam pengawa ngira undi. Iya deka madah ke diri badu nyadi kepala menteri. Iya deka ngawak ke siko da orang ti udah menang bediri ba sitak menoa Balingian ti udah dipuang ke Taib. Sapa orang nya kini?

Orang ti diasoh Jabu nganti iya, iya nya petunggal Taib empu, iya nya Datuk Sri Dr. Hj Mohd Effendi Norwawi.

Effendi mih ti nyadi Kepala Menteri Sarawak, ti lalu ngasoh Datuk Seri Douglas Uggah nyadi Sapit Kepala Menteri. Reti nya kuasa agi mengkang ba sida Taib sebilik. Udah ngasai ke diri menang besai baka nya, Effendi lalu nyiri Taib nyadi Governor menoa Sarawak, lalu Agong deka meri iya tanda pangkat Tun Abdul Taib Mahmud.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

PATUT DIBACHA: Mansut ke jako petenah enda ulih dikena ngelaboh ke Taib.

Sekretari Politik ke Kepala Menteri, Abdul Karim Hamzah madah ke kitai jako petenah ti dituju ke suh Kepala Menteri pasal penyalah ‘makai suap’ enggau penyalah salah guna kuasa ukai pekara ti baru.

Bala orang ti megai perintah endang seruran bebula ke sebarang berita amat, lalu ditusoi ngagai 7o peratus bansa Iban ti enda besekula tin guan rumah-rumah panjai betaun-taun.

Udah ninga ‘putar-belit’ siku Sekretari Politik Taib nyau nyadi buah kenang orang, dia Karim lalu nimbal pesan jako pandak nengah telefon binching iya ti semina munyi tu: “Ha, ha, ha...” Tu udah ngayan ke iya udah ngelesay ke tanya orang ti mai reti: “Sebut mih, nama utai ka disebut kita. Kami deka mengkang bekuasa.”

Semina siti pekara ti enda dikenang Karim ba Radio Free Sarawak iya nya “bansa China nyau berasai kepapas suh Taib lalu enda tan agi meda bansa bumiputera nya udah nyadi kaya raja sereta mujor”.

Pesan ti munyi tu mih ti nguji dilalai ke bala orang politik ti bekaul enggau Taib tiap kali sida ngusung mensia maioh ti nguan menoa pesisir.

Enti Taib nya amat salah “makai suap” baka ti sikenang bala orang parti penyakal, raban orang ti nyukong Taib lalu madah ke Upis Penagang Penyalah ‘Makai Suap’ Malaysia (MACC) tentu lama udah nangkap iya.

Tang utai ti enda dipadah ke sida ngagai orang maioh iya parti BN beguna amat ke 31 penudok parlimen Sarawak dikena BN megai perintah ba ikas Perintah Besai, lalu sida semina berunding ke Taib aja mih ti ulih mai pemenang, abis nadai nya, menang majority mudah. Nya mega kebuah MACC enggau attorney-general enda ulih ‘negu’ Taib.

Bala raban penyukong Taib mega enda nyebut ngagai rakyat Taib nya mih ti nentu ke pemenang raban elite ti merintah ari Putrajaya din. Tu mega sejalai enggau rambai jako “Ketuanan Melayu”, sebengkah penemu nyarut runding ti enda betulis dalam social contract parti UMNO.

Social contract ti enda betulis tu udah kala dikena Menteri Besai Malaysia ti terubah Tungku Abdul Rahman dalam taun 1957 dikena iya ngumbok parti MCA enggai MIC awak ke besetuju ke penemu, “enti bansa China udah ngemeran ke pengawa bedagang, awak ke bansa Melayu mih nyadi tuai dalam perintah”.

Politik bebelah-bagi

Taib ngereja pengawa: mechah ke penyerakup orang asal ti ukai Islam ti maioh agi tubuh laban enggai ke orang asal bekuasa.

Penangi Putrajaya iya nya takut ke majoriti orang bansa asal tu ninggal ke serakup Malaysia, ti tau ngujong ke pengerugi ti besai ke raban elite ti megai perintah din.

Pekara ti bendar iya Taib endang bisi ‘lesen’ dikena iya ngereja sebarang pengawa nitih ke peneka iya empu. Nya kebuah iya ngasuh Karim ngaga Keretas Putih (White Paper) ti tau dikena iya nagang orang Malaysia aktivit ti ukai asal ari Sarawak tu tama ngagai menoa tu.

Keretas Putih nya mega dikena Taib nagang aktivis ari Sarawak ninggal ke menoa Sarawak lalu “nusoi penyai perintah Taib” di menoa luar.

Enti sebarang orang politik ingin ke “pengaya baka orang dagang lalu terebai ngena bilun kin-kitu”, sida nya patut badu mangku pengawa nya.

Taib, siko lawyer ti pandai, patut nemu nama reti peneka ti bebida. Iya majak ngereja semoa pengawa ti salah ti ngujong ke pengamah nama enggau pangkat iya lalu bebagi ke perapasan ti ulih iya nya.

Taib endang beambi ulih ba raban bansa bumiputera ti enda kaya sereta enda ulih ngulih ke puku dagang ari segi belanja enggau duit jali, nadai kaul dagang, lalu pia mega nadai rekod bedagang ti meruan baka bansa China.

Tambah mega bansa bumiputera kurang ba pengelandik ngereja pengawa enggau chara ngulih ke duit.

Nya mih kebuah maioh orang politik endang seruran berunding ke chara ngulih ke duit ari tabung menoa laban tu mih siti chara ti endang ditemu mujor.

Tu mih kebuah kitai nadai sistem tender tebuka sereta ayan lalu ulih temu mensia maioh.

Ngena sistem tender betutup semua tender enggau kontrak-kontrak perintah dikeluar ke dua, tiga, tau ke manggai 10 kali mar agi ari rega ti bendar, lalu pengawa tu dikereja ngena duit semua orang ti mayar chukai.

Bida rega tender betutup nya tama ngagai kandi orang politik ti ngeluar ke tender projek perintah nengah sapa-sapa orang ti dipilih sida bejalai ke pengawa/projek ngari ke sida.

Sekeda raban bumiputera, nyengkaum bala orang diketu ke ari pengawa enggau orang ti enda agi dibai sida bebagi ke perepasan, enggau orang ukai bumiputera ti maioh tuboh, nyau enda rindu agi bekereja ke orang politik ti baka nya.

Penemu ti deka ke ubah baka ti deka dipeda bala raban orang ti nyukong parti penyakal belalau ke tu.

Di menoa pesisir ba puak menoa Sarawak, penyalah ‘makai suap’ ti dikereja bala orang politik di sebelah nengeri endang enda ditemu orang bansa asal. Penyalah ‘makai suap’ tu mih ti sebaka enggau penyakit riman ti tau ngerusak pemanah kaul raban bansa, tau ngujong ke rega barang niki enggau enda menuku, tau ngemunas ke dagang ti besemekih, tau ngujong menoa tu kurang ngeluar ke asil lalu tau ngujong ke raban serak ti dudi jemah ila nyau bebayar ke utang menoa.

Runding salah nyau berampit-rampit ba orang politik nya ti ngumbai duit ti dipelanja nya ukai duit sida, nama kebuah sida patut irau? Penemu tu datai ari raban orang ti enda bebayar ke chukai.

Maioh orang mega orang ngembuan runding enti sida bisi peluang mangku pengawa baka ti dikereja orang politik nya deka ngulih ke duit ngena chara ti sebaka enti sida udah kiruh betulong ke rakyat.

Orang ti baka Taib nya udah ngerandang jalai ke orang politik ke bukai ngulih ke penguntuong enggau pengaya diri empu sekumbang ti bekuasa enggau nadai berasai malu, lalu maioh orang ti baka Karim nya endang bekereja bebelit ke utai ti lurus, lalu belurus ke utai ti bingkuk, dikena sida ngelantang ke ati tuan sida.

Ba maia ti lama, meri gaji ti manah ke bala menteri enggau orang kereja perintah, bebagi ke peluang bedagang lalu bekena ke semoa macham asil ari raban bumiputera dikena beranak ke puku mih chara dikena ngemunas ke penyalah ‘makai suap’.

Enti semina ngarap ke nusoi cherita bendar pasal penyalah perintah Taib, nya ukai chara dikena ngelaboh ke iya.

Baka nya mega, enti ngarap ke bala kaban politik ari parti penyakal ti begedi ke pengawa kamah Taib nya dikena ngulih ke sukong bala pengundi pan apin tentu mujor. Dokumen-dokumen ke pemendar penyalah iya nya udah kelalu maioh lalu tau ngujong ke dawa tau nyadi enda ‘bisa’.

Siti chara ti tau dikena orang aktivis di dalam enggau luar menoa Sarawak mai pasal cherita chara Taib ngulih ke pengeraja enggau chara ti salah ngagai forum entarabansa iya nya minta perintah court entarabansa di menoa tasik ngemeku ke semoa pengeraja nya, lalu mega minta court entarabansa nya ngeluar ke waran tangkap dikena nangkap Taib, sida sebilik, orang-orang kereja perintah ti setanah enggau iya enggau bala kroni-kroni dagang iya.

Di menoa Sarawak, raban parti penyakal patut enggau naka ulih ngayan ke pemendar parti ti megai perintah udah kala ngemedis sebarang orang ngena chara betenah ke penyalah orang nya ti tau ngujong ke penyarut nyadi ba tugong orang maioh.

Tu mih siti chara ti dikena Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) dalam taun 1985 dikena sida numbang ke parti Berjaya ti betuai ke Harris Salleh. Mensia maioh ti ringat ukai semina ngerejister diri nyadi pengundi, tang mega nurun ngundi magang-magang.

Chara ti sebaka mega dikena Hindraf dikena sida mujok pengundi India dalam pengawa bepilih besai taun 2007-08, ari ti nerang ke pekara-pekara ti deka didinga bala pengundi.

Pekara ti dikejako ke Hindraf nya nyengkaum pasal orang ti ngerusi kuil endur sida sembayang, pasal bansa sida ti megai pengarap Hindu ditukar nyadi Islam, pasal kes-kes Hindu ti didawa dalam court-court Syariah, pasal raban polis ti kasar enggau munuh nembiak India ti benung ditan ke, enggau pasal sekula Tamil enggau jako Tamil.

Nya alai, endang patut mih Radio Free Sarawak ti ditabur ke ngena jako Iban enggau jako Melayu, bisi tanggung pengawa ti mai besai pangka ngagai orang ti diau di menoa pesisir di tengah-tengah menoa Sarawak tu, ti selama tu udah diiru enggau penemu siru “anang ngelaban perintah” enggau ti lama amat udah ‘dirampit penyakit’ andai, andal sereta seruran ngarap ke ke bantu-bantu baka subsidi-subsidi.

Tebal agi mensia tin guan menoa tu mega enda macha suratkhabar, meda internet enggau telefon binching. Tang berita agi ulih datai ba sida tu nengah Radio Free Sarawak, ti mega ulih didinga nengah internet – sebengkah radio ti ukai dikemata ke perintah.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Dayak races are facing extinction on paper.

First, you steal our trees (logging).

When our trees are finished, you grab our lands (for oil-palm plantations).

When we try to stop you, you poison our rivers (dams).

You have taken away our livelihood and all that we hold precious.

And then you punish our children for eating pork. You even want to control what we eat.

Now, you want to strip us of our identity too so that we become race-less and be assimilated into keturunan MELAYU?

“According to William, it was found that it was neither the fault of the teachers nor the schools concerned but it was a directive from the Education Exam Division of the Education Ministry.”

Alfred Jabu anak Numpang, Deputy President of PBB Pesaka and Paramount Chief of the Iban, James Jemut Masing, President of PRS, and William Mawan Ikom, President of SPDP. Great leaders and defenders of the Dayak and presidents of Sarawak based parties with the power to protect Sarawakians, what are you doing to stop this?

Your children and grandchildren are now classified as MELAYU!

Not a whisper? Nadai munyi kita?

Jabu, you are no Paramount Chief. You are the Greatest Paramount Traitor of the Iban people throughout all of Iban history. There is not a single drop of noble blood in your veins. Like your grandfather, you are merely squatting on our lands and your actions show your true colours. A slave to Taib. Once a slave, always a slave. All your money cannot change your blood.

Masing, you are the Greatest Pirate of the Iban people. You steal from your own and you twist your words to suit yourself. You are a selfish and self-serving embarrassment. Shame on you and your descendants for all generations.

Mawan, you are the Greatest Liar of the Iban people. What have you done for the Iban people besides taking their women as your concubines?

When will the Iban wake up??? When will all Dayak races wake up??? Only when they are no more known as Dayak but classified as MELAYU?