Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Dayak races are facing extinction on paper.

First, you steal our trees (logging).

When our trees are finished, you grab our lands (for oil-palm plantations).

When we try to stop you, you poison our rivers (dams).

You have taken away our livelihood and all that we hold precious.

And then you punish our children for eating pork. You even want to control what we eat.

Now, you want to strip us of our identity too so that we become race-less and be assimilated into keturunan MELAYU?

“According to William, it was found that it was neither the fault of the teachers nor the schools concerned but it was a directive from the Education Exam Division of the Education Ministry.”

Alfred Jabu anak Numpang, Deputy President of PBB Pesaka and Paramount Chief of the Iban, James Jemut Masing, President of PRS, and William Mawan Ikom, President of SPDP. Great leaders and defenders of the Dayak and presidents of Sarawak based parties with the power to protect Sarawakians, what are you doing to stop this?

Your children and grandchildren are now classified as MELAYU!

Not a whisper? Nadai munyi kita?

Jabu, you are no Paramount Chief. You are the Greatest Paramount Traitor of the Iban people throughout all of Iban history. There is not a single drop of noble blood in your veins. Like your grandfather, you are merely squatting on our lands and your actions show your true colours. A slave to Taib. Once a slave, always a slave. All your money cannot change your blood.

Masing, you are the Greatest Pirate of the Iban people. You steal from your own and you twist your words to suit yourself. You are a selfish and self-serving embarrassment. Shame on you and your descendants for all generations.

Mawan, you are the Greatest Liar of the Iban people. What have you done for the Iban people besides taking their women as your concubines?

When will the Iban wake up??? When will all Dayak races wake up??? Only when they are no more known as Dayak but classified as MELAYU?


Anonymous said...

Let's classify Malay students as Dayaks, or better still, CINA, since anthropologists and ethnologists all agree that the proto-Malay race originated from China :-)

Then they will know how we feel.

clarence kesak said...
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clarence kesak said...

We will be colonised by WM/BNUMNO/ by all means to the extend of whatever weapons they have...politics/ekonomi/religions/ Sabah PATI all get IC.They import few thousands teachers to rural areas so they can missionaries the local .My father and mother,me too renew a number of times our IC...cips wrongly religion/gender /lelaki/ simple but .purposely on thier hidden agenda.These are white collars/proffessional" corrupted politics" suppress the DAYAKS. parai nuan buat kaban kitai tok?

Anonymous said...

spread the news to the interior

Anonymous said...

nyak meh.... bansa iban sigi bodoh, bejako kerah kerah, bedepan enggau ketuai ti nadai guna nyu nadai jako

iban sigi bansa ulung, nya meh, nadai jako bukai agi