Monday, May 2, 2011

Anonymous Letter

SNAP is a party with a lot of frogs who fantasize and dream that somehow, someday they will turn into handsome princes, which they never were in the first place.

It is a party that had been mutilated beyond recognition over the years through the selfish acts of their own members with their respective agenda.

That internal divisions were well exploited by their political rivals through divide and rule, leading to the party's eventual de-registration by the ROS, only to be given a new lease of life after a few leaders met Najib just before the Batang Ai by election of April 2009.

One of those who met Najib, including Ting Ling Kiew, who was the Deputy President, was however sacked by the party. SNAP was then hijacked by a few fellows who initially thought the PKR could be their vehicle for a Dayak agenda (when SNAP's fate still being in limbo at that point).

This include people like Paul Kadang, who once worked at the PKR HQ and who ran down the PKR just before the recent Sarawak election, trying to rationalize the rebranding and revival of SNAP! Even Daniel Tajem who was once PKR adviser was roped in as a member of the new team.

The money flowed at the initial stage but when the well wishers realised that the SNAP revival was Najib backed and not contributing to the Pakatan cause, the taps went dry. The president, Edwin Dundang, who only managed to get 281 votes in Marudi, however brags that SNAP is now like a young lady with a number of potential suitors, DAP included.

The results of the recent Sarawak election where all the SNAP candidates, except one, lost their deposits suggest what the voters, even in Dayak majority seats, think of these fellows. So the Dayaks aint't no fools after all.


Anonymous said...

To anonymous,contents of your letter were far from the truth and devoid of any basis.First,the current leaders are no frogs,has they jumped?.Secondly,Snap was mutilated not by the current leaders.If there were frogs therein,these people were Snap past leaders like Mawan and his group and the very same people mutilated Snap.Snap,under James Wong and later,through the efforts of Justine Jinggut paid Skrine and Co,a legal firm in KL rm.300,000 to fight against its deregistration and has nothing to do with Ting ling kiew who only wanted to use Snap to make his money.If Snap was given a lifeline by Najib,definitely Ling Kiew is still in Snap.Therefore,if you want to badmouth Snap,pls rely on facts and not a mere presumption.Snap may look dead now but in politic,nothing is fixed.There may be one or two guys who has their own agenda in Snap leading to its defeats ,but the real Snap hardcores still believe it will rise again one day.PKR may laugh for having 3 seats in Sarawak,but PKR is mutilating itself every day too,just look at how many good people had left PKR from day to day.

Anonymous said...

How to jump if cannot even win one single seat??? Dead frogs cannot jumpa lah my friend!

Anonymous said...

so the issue of jump should not be raised in the first place lah my friend.Dont assume, play backside and do porn boleh la!!!Dead frogs may tasteless but play backside is incredible!!!

Anonymous said...

Never mind about being late making this comment but the truth is SNAP is good party but the present leaders are too handicapped. If the present leaders sincerily love the party then be realistic and resign and let those resourceful ones run it. Edwin, Kebing, Stanley, please retire. Don't waste your money anymore,give your money to help your poor supporters. Don't make them waste their times for you.