Saturday, May 28, 2011

Zombieland - where the likes of PPP, Gerakan, MIC, MCA, SNAP rule

Written by Ismail Dahlan, Malaysia Chronicle

The curious thing about zombies is that they don't always know that they're dead. Or some of them know it, but are in denial. Which may explain the proliferation of these zombies in Malaysia of late, particularly since 2008, entire parties of them.

The PPP is the oldest of these zombie parties. They have no excuse for staggering about in such a rotting state; they have been dead long enough to know it for sure. Whatever are they fighting for? If asked, they will claim to be fighting for the people.

But what they are actually doing is fighting for one of them to be a deputy minister. Even when they do not have a single seat, because they have been thoroughly rejected by the people whom they claim to be fighting for. What garbage-pickers! Disband your silly party, sirs, and spare us your stench!

Then you have Gerakan, another party roundly rejected in the only state where they had any sway, Penang. In the 12 state seats they contested in Penang in 2008, they won zero, and lost every one by large majorities. Their 10 Parliament seats were reduced to 2. They are a Chinese PPP now. But there they are, still strutting about making pompous statements.

Koh Tsu Koon unblushingly accepts a Cabinet post, despite having lost his own seat, but then proved so incompetent that he had to be replaced by Idris Jala. Of which fact he pretends to be blissfully unaware, collecting his redundant salary every month, borne by the struggling Malaysian taxpayer.

If the Gerakan wasn't sure after the 2008 election that they had joined the ranks of the walking dead, they should surely know by now. But still they hang around, making feasts of the scraps and bones thrown to them by Barisan. Another bunch of garbage-pickers!

Soon to be joining them is the MCA, clearly forsaken of popular support, even before an election is called. Its members, having learnt no lessons from 2008, decided that it was a good idea to elect a scandal-tainted politician as their President, who was thick-skinned enough to later talk about morality.

At a loss for ideas on how to regain support, they resorted to threatening their own voters that they would not accept any seats if they lost, meaning there would be no representation in the Cabinet for the Chinese.

They forget that Malaysian have the power to dump the entire Cabinet, by electing a new government. We have yet to see the MCA giving up any posts. They bark at the people, and wag their tails for their masters.

And marching right beside the MCA, his arms thrust straight out in front of him, like any self-respecting zombie, is Palanivel, the MIC's mostly-silent President who advises the Indians to go back to the estates, while promising to make them millionaires, all in the same contradictory breath.

The MIC is constantly proclaiming that the Indian vote is returning to the Barisan. Of course they have to say this, otherwise what use are they to the Barisan. Their functions without fail involve handing out clothes (cheap ones of course) or other inexpensive goodies to those who turn up. These rent-a-crowd tactics are their basis for claiming returning support.

The tragic bit is every Indian who turns up to receive such miserable hand-outs from the MIC, is a living example to their failure for the past 50 years. Nay, it is more than failure that they are guilty of, it is criminal neglect of their constituency, and worse.

If they are not busy neglecting their constituents, they quarrel among themselves for the spoils of their mean politics. Witness the recent MIED drama, where one of them sues Samy Vellu, because, of course, he is 'fighting for the people'. And then he queitly withdraws his suit. By ‘co-incidence’, he now has a seat on the board.

Samy Velu, despite having no position in the party, holds the equivalent of a Ministerial post, paid for of course, by you. (Oh, and by the way, we're cutting your subsidies because they cost too much. We can't cut the government's bloated RM18 billion administrative cost, because if we did, who would pay the Samy Vellus and the Koh Tsu Koons and all the other freeloaders?)

The MIC continues to dance, locked in embrace with Barisan, even though it is without doubt, their last song.

And in Sarawak there is SNAP. Why would they still hang around, contesting every other seat? And how could they possibly afford to? In the event, they made no difference. But do they give it up? No, they hang around, perhaps to make no difference in the next elections. Making no difference can also, apparently, be a lucrative pursuit.

And Malaysians can only sit and watch bemusedly, at all these lurching, putrefying zombies wearing fancy suits, dining in 5-star hotels, driving expensive cars, and of all things, standing for elections. Not only do dead men vote in Malaysia, they contest seats!

It really may be time to be rid of them. - Malaysia Chronicle


Anonymous said...

"And in Sarawak there is SNAP. Why would they still hang around, contesting every other seat? And how could they possibly afford to? In the event, they made no difference. But do they give it up? No, they hang around, perhaps to make no difference in the next elections. Making no difference can also, apparently, be a lucrative pursuit."

CORRECT. Endang sigi amat!!! Well done antubeduru for high-lighting this so that the majority of Dayaks will not be fooled by snap the party full of opportunists and soldiers of fortune.



ZOMBIE or Islam ? said...

The Dayak realized that supporting PKR is to enrich ketuanan Melayu Malaya. Secondly the party symbol is 2 Anak Bulan whereby it's an extremist and fanatic Islam logo. You can find the anak bulan symbol ba atas bumbung surau tauka masjid.Parti anak Laut ari semenanjung ko ga nyukong. Dayak kena tipu!!!

Anonymous said...

The PKR party symbol represents the all-seeing eye, not a moon.

See PKR website:

Identiti Parti

Mata yang terbuka adalah cahaya yang menyuluh perjuangan untuk menegakkan keadilan dan mencerminkan mata hati nurani yang mondorong Parti untuk mencapai perubahan ke arah kebenaran dan keadilan.

Lajur merah di kiri dan kanan segi empat tidak sama melambangkan keberanian dan komitmen memperjuangkan kebenaran dan keadilan.

The above comment obviously left by a SNAP supporter clearly reflects the typical SNAP culture - to mislead people. So who's the real liar and the penipu?

Anonymous said...

The president of PKR used hand glove to shake hand with Iban. Why Iban still want to tolerate this culture of looking down at Iban. PKR+UMNO only mean one thing, other races not important. Ketuanan Melayu Diutamakan.Clearly the iban being use over and over again. PAS has full moon symbol and PKR have the surau and masjid version.

Anonymous said...

The above comment clearly demonstrates SNAP (BN) culture of race politics. Old politics. They can only point fingers and find faults where none exist and use race as an issue.

And then SNAP equates PKR with UMNO? Haiyooo...baca sikit lah and improve your political education!

Wan Azizah wears gloves because as a Muslim woman, she is not supposed to have contact with men. By wearing the gloves, she can shake their hands. Isn't this better than not shaking hands at all?

Anonymous said...

The Ibans being used by SNAP. SNAP being used by BN. BN is ruled by UMNO.

So who is screwing the Ibans?

Anonymous said...

PBB is still the best platform for the Dayak not PKR. Antu Beduru is a member of PBB and he benefit a lot in PBB. PKR is a dying party. Chase out from their HQ and going to be de-register by ROS. Slowly the indians and the malays left the party. They quarrel amongst themselves and with every party they have pact with. RIP PKR

Mark Nasi Kandar said...

papa 4 penjuru video of Anwar performing yoga.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha! The more SNAP supporters open their mouth, the more they demonstrate their sheer stupidity! Talk more please :-)

Abraham Lincoln said, "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

SNAP supporter, you know who Abraham Lincoln is or not? Hahahahahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

PAS itu Melayu
UMNO itu Islam
PKR itu Bisexual

Anonymous said...

SNAP itu terbukti di-reject rakyat dan kaum Dayak di seluruh Sarawak sampai presiden pun hilang deposit.

Mau shakap apa lagi? :-)

Anonymous said...

PAS itu Melayu
UMNO itu Islam
PKR itu Bisexual
Antu Beduru itu Hisap Butoh

Apai irau said...

Everything about SNAP will attract the interest of Antu Buyu.Before anybody gets tempted with what he does,one must know this fact;he is running a PKR's website under the name of Antu Beduru,as such,his duties,among others is to rundown SNAP at whatever cost.The quarel between SNAP and PKR was about seats allocations in last election.I too did not totally agree with Snap standing in so many seats but then on what basis does PKR can claim that they are the Boss and as such can treat anyone as they like.No way.But then ANtu Buyu's blog keep on attacking SNAP but at the same time says SNAP is nothing.If Snap really nothing,why bother with it.?If Snap is dying why bother with it? The fact is that SNAP is not dying,and given enough time and new leaders,SNAP can make an impact. SO,to the numerous anonymous here,do not talk about opportunists,soldier of fortune,screwings,abraham lincoln and all the nonsences.SNAP was formed to allow the Dayaks, in particular ,to participate in politics towards safeguarding Dayaks rights etc while PKR WAS BORN OUT OF VENGENCE FORMED BY EX UMNO PEOPLE WHO ARE STILL HAVING UMNO MENTALITY WHO ONLY WANT TO MAKE USE THE DAYAKS TO ACHIEVE THEIR POLITICAL GOAL>.To those who fond of accusing SNAP is sponsored by BN ,by all means,show me the sponsors or the transactions,otherwise you are just a crab.

Anonymous said...

By writing articles and or pasting someone's article can be more lucrative.By being bachelor(bujang skrang) can be very lucrative too-bulldoze someone back side you get paid mah!

Anonymous said...

Correct,correct correct,antu beduru is only interested to attack Snap not BN.I heard from reliable source that he even paid someone to write bad things about Snap.His intention is to influence readers of his blog to hate and discredit Snap,regardless of the false facts he presented.He is antu anyway.

pondan said...

I know him very well this antu, he likes to wear panties and get excited looking at arse hole. Beware of him. A lot of guys lose their asshole virginity because of antu beduru.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous above,its not true that the Ibans being used by SNAP and SNAP being used by BN.IF the Ibans being used by SNAP,why only small portion of Ibans voted for SNAP in last election?unfounded and malicious analysis.The TRUTH is the Ibans were and will be used by PKR to achieve their west malaysian leaders political goal.Once they achieved their goal,they will act like UMNO malays,the Dayaks or the Ibans will be forgotten.Baru will be kicked out by Azmin,who insists to see a Malay-lead PKR in Sarawak,.PKR will scramble for power continously like they did all those years in Sarawak,Sabah and even in Semenanjung.Eventually,they won't fight for the rakyat ,but will fight among themselves to make use the rakyat to achieve political glory.

Autonomy said...

Menyokong dan memperjuangkan UMNO,PKR,DAP,Gerakan atau PAS umpama pak kadok....menang sorak tapi kampung tergadai.....jadilah macam pak kadok yg gembira ayamnya menang,tapi itu ayam sudah menjadi milik sang raja....dan pak kadok kalah bertaruh tanah dia sama itu raja....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Kati Antu Beduru tu ukai lelaki tauka ukai indu kah? Mati kitai enti iya ukai lelaki lalu ukai ga indu....

Anonymous said...

laban ia antu,nadai kad klinik madah ke ia lelaki tauka indu.Beri benefit of doubt ngagai ia-shemale aja tau meh.

Anonymous said...

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Bok pisin dunggol manok said...

Antu Beduru ,ni nadai nulis pasal Snap agi? Ti nadai utai ke betul pasal Snap utai ke bula tau meh.

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Anonymous said...

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