Saturday, May 14, 2011

‘SNAP needs to re-invent itself to become relevant again’

by Peter Boon. Posted on May 13, 2011, Friday

Felician Teo

Dr Gregory Hii

SIBU: SNAP today only has residual value which unless it re-invents itself will continue to be on the sidelines of mainstream Sarawak politics.

A councillor in Bintangor, Felician Teo, said yesterday that SNAP’s leaving PR had minimal impact since it had been regarded as a spent force.

“It needs revitalisation of its party and leadership, rebranding of its image (they are not going to win many votes just reminding Sarawakians that they are the party of Sarawak’s first Chief Minister) and most importantly, start to build grassroots political machinery,” Teo told The Borneo Post.

He was asked if SNAP’s move to severe its ties with PR would have impact on the united front.

Its secretary-general Stanley Jugol was quoted as saying that SNAP could no longer work with PR as it had been sidelined during and after the nomination prior to the just concluded state election.

Jugol was also reported to have said the proposed merger talks with DAP would cease automatically, following them severing the ties with PR.

Teo figured that would be a win-win outcome for both parties if that ever happens.

The way he saw it, DAP needs to expand its political base from urban Sarawak.

“This is because the move will make them seen to be supported by more than one racial grouping, though the reality is that they have gained support from other races other than the Chinese to win in some seats during the recent state election,” he quipped.

And what better way than to forge strategic alliance with SNAP, which represents an immediate platform for them to build a support base among the rural electorate, he noted.

Added Teo: “SNAP would have gained a new lease of life by riding on DAP’s well oiled political machinery, team of first class political strategists and strategy executers and other resources at their disposal now that they are in government in some states.”

He also did not discount the possibility that SNAP was knocking on BN’s door since without political alignment with either BN or PR, SNAP would head into political oblivion.

In an earlier interview, veteran political observer Dr Gregory Hii said while SNAP’s leadership was entitled to its own decision to reflect best interest, “constant changes to its affiliation/position in PR will give an impression that it is not a committed, reliable partner and disciplined organisation. And that is not good.”

Dr Hii reckoned that if SNAP wanted to build itself, it needed disciplined leaders, clearly defined goals, good and efficient organisation with solid grassroots support, committed and hardworking members, willing to sacrifice themselves.

“They must have adequate financial means to work towards its goals,” he opined.


Anonymous said...

Apparently during the last state election SNAP was seen running like headless chicken, harping on crap issues, and in one of the constituencies, the so called party leader who went around campaigning for some sympathetic votes in one of the longhouses in Betong division was only condemning the BN worker instead of talking about real issues like economic, educations, developments etc..and barking at the wrong tree cost the candidate his deposit pathetically, because the longhouse people were not at all impressed. Really pathetic.

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